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Born with only 2% of his brain, boy confounds doctors as his brain continues to grow to near normal capacity

Way back in October of 2016, we wrote about how the British Department of Health had just announced it had approved what it euphemistically called “Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Testing” for use by the National Health Service in testing brain activity and more in the pre-born. It is a far more accurate prenatal test which can be given earlier in pregnancy and is absolutely guaranteed to increase the number of eugenic abortions. It has since been rolled out and the number of babies aborted because of genetic anomaly has multiplied.

In that same post we wrote about how the day before the October 30 announcement, the Gospel Herald had published a heartwarming story by Suzette Gutierrez-Cachila about 4-year-old Noah Wall, who, “against all odds,” has “grown to be a lively boy and is living proof that abortion does not have to be the answer” when parents are given a dreadful prenatal diagnosis.

The doctors grimly told Rob and Shelly Wall that Noah was missing a quarter of his brain. But after he was born in 2012, brain scans showed Noah’s condition was far worse. than previously expected. There was only 2% present in a thin layer at the front of his head.

Although they had been offered the “option” of “terminating” five separate times, Rob Wall said “It was never an option for us. To me, we wanted to give Noah that chance of life.” By 2016 Noah was already making enormous progress.



Flash forward to this week. The Daily Mail has just updated Noah’s story with additional details about how his parents had been offered the abortion “option” and how Noah’s brain had literally grown back.

When Noah was born, needless to say, his chances of survival appeared slim. But as Lara Keay wrote yesterday, following Noah’s and Rob’s and Shelly’s appearance on “Good Morning Britain,”

“Miraculously he kept on growing, and so did his brain, which by the age of three, scans showed had grown to 80 per cent capacity.

Now at the age of six he has learned to talk and is hoping to be able to walk, surf and ski with the help of a pioneering clinic in Australia.”

The host of Good Morning Britain asked the Walls why in light of all the complications they were told their son would suffer, they didn’t abort.

Mr. Wall told Richard Madeley, ‘We were older parents, if younger people were offered that choice they may have felt pressured to go through with it, but we know our own minds and we are positive people.”

And there was enormous pressure to abort (“terminate”). Shelly Wall gave an example of how “’We got taken into a room and they drew a circle saying, ‘this brain will only be half a brain’.”

And that was only part of Noah’s “catalogue of health problems,” as Keay termed it, that Mrs. Wall discovered only three months into her pregnancy. “These included spina bifida – a condition which prevents the spine from developing properly – rare chromosome abnormalities and hydrocephalus.”



Noah’s birth was a medical miracle of its own, according to Keay’s fine story. In what MUST be the understatement of the year, Mrs. Wall told the Daily Mail, “The day he was born was amazing. We waited with baited breath.”

Because the pressure on her unborn baby’s brain was becoming dangerously high, Mrs. Wall was admitted a week before her due date. Keay explains:

“There were 12 doctors in the operating theatre as experts performed a C-section, but as he came into the world, they were given a sign.

Mr. Wall said: ‘He let out this amazing scream. We knew there was power there.’”

Noah is “extraordinary,” Mrs. Wall said: Referring to the doctors, “We send them emails and pictures and we take them presents at Christmas time.”

Noah faces a lifetime of operations, Keay concluded, but “he and his parents remain determined to fulfill his dreams and seeing him walk is their ultimate goal.”

  • By Dave Andrusko | National Right to Life News