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CA Gov. Newsom: Wear a mask between bites when eating out

California Governor Gavin Newsom is doing California no favors with his most recent covid recommendation.

Newsome, a Democrat, is reminding the restaurant diners that if they go out to eat in public, they should put their mask..in between bites of food.

In a post on Twitter, Newsom’s office gave the recommendation, along with a graphic that tells diners to touch their mask as little as possible.

Newsom has has implemented a variety of laws that have outraged the states residents regardless of where they fall  politically. From banning surfing and hiking to keeping churches closed, his popularity even among Democrats has plummeted. Last month, he even signed legislation to put male inmates into female prisons if they identify as female. He also praised legislation passed in the Democrat-controlled legislature that reduced penalties for adults having sex with children.

His mask recommendation has elicited a variety of negative responses on social media.

The comments on the Tweet and subsequent Facebook post by Rep. Doug LaMalfa are also priceless.


“The text contradicts the message in the graphic. Minimizing the # of times one touches their mask would mean NOT taking it on and off between bites, which would require lots of touching, and getting food on it. Gross.”

“I’m very confused by this tweet. The image suggests you should only take your mask off once when you begin a meal but the text suggests you should put it back on between bites.”

“all it means is don’t think for yourself, be afraid, support Newsom’s emergency powers he’s abusing to continue his mass devastation of lives and livelihoods.”

“I thought this was a parody account…you can’t be serious. Do you realize how many more times the mask would be touched with unclean hands?”

“This is so crazy. Are they really just seeing how far this can be pushed?”

Hilarious and snarky replies:

“This is exactly why sane people don’t take you seriously. Who thought of ”minimize touching your mask’ and ‘Off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on in the same graphic? Science.’”

“Ok Kindergarten teacher.”

Oh Glorious Leader @GavinNewsomyour text is contradictory to your graph. I can’t decide if you’re an evil genius trying to keep people in the dark and drive more businesses into the ground. Or if you’re really that stupid, though I’m leaning more towards this than the genius….”

“I literally tried this last night at home for a laugh. It was absolutely ridiculous taking it on and off for bites. Omg we laughed so hard. I know newsom isn’t doing this 😭

“He sure makes it tempting to leave this state!”

“…and then wash your hands when you put the mask back on again, then remove the mask for each bite, then wash your hands again, but remember to pull down the mask so the wait-person can be reassured by your smile or frown regarding the quality of service, and then wash your hands again, but if your smile exposed your teeth then wash your hands and brush your teeth, replace the mask and wash your hands again…”

“And be sure to wear it in your electric cars. lol.”

“In between bites? Every time? Bite me.”

“yep that sounds like what the governor would say….”

Newsom, though, doubled down with another tweet:

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