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Can You Give Up Secular Music for 30 Days?

Christian Music Expert Challenges Believers to Avoid Secular Entertainment for 30 Days


music challengeCarlsbad, CALIF, (CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) — What do Michael W. Smith, TobyMac, and Josh McDowell all have in common? They and many other Christian leaders all endorse Al Menconi’s new book, The Christian Music Challenge.

Several Christian radio stations inspired by Al Menconi’s book are encouraging their listeners to listen to more Christian music during February, but there is so much more to this Challenge than simply avoiding negative entertainment choices and listening to Christian radio.

“The result would be a new understanding of their relationship with Christ, peace, and understand of purpose in their life,” said Menconi.

The Christian Music Challenge book by Menconi will show the reader:

* How and why God has commanded us to sing.
* How the principles in this book changed Menconi’s life and the lives of thousands of others.
* How Jesus’ disciples used singing to lead many to salvation.
* Why listening to Christian music should be a part of your life.
* How and why godly music leads to peace and purpose.
* What type of music your church should sing during the worship service.
* Why Satan doesn’t want you to listen to Christian music.

Menconi’s powerful book takes the reader on a personal journey to discover how God uses music to help believers rediscover His peace and understand His purpose for their lives.

“We’ve seen so many thousands of changed lives that I wanted to put it down in writing so that people would be able to teach others, to teach others,” said Menconi. “There are questions after each chapter and basic principals identified.”

With his engaging writing style, personal stories, and thought provoking questions after each chapter, Menconi teaches readers life-changing principles that can easily become incorporated in the life of every believer.

Although Menconi’s book is called The Christian Music Challenge, it’s really a challenge for all believers to reevaluate their relationship with Christ. How is your faith in Jesus and the joy of your salvation? Is it everything you want it to be? If not, this book has a simple plan that will lead you to a deeper faith, peace that passes understanding, and a purpose that will fulfill your wildest dreams.

“God says that if you keep shoving the empty thoughts and ideas from man’s perspective instead of what God teaches into your brain, eventually you will struggle in two areas of your life,” Menconni adds. “Your faith in Jesus and the joy of your salvation.”

It is Menconi’s goal for this Challenge to be the catalyst for spiritual renewal in America within the next five years. He makes a strong argument that it is God’s desire that every Christian incorporate godly music in their daily life. Are you ready for the Challenge?

Al Menconi is available for speaking invitations. Call 760.591.4696 or email info@almenconi.com.

For more information go to TheChristianMusicChallenge.com.


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