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    Liberal and conservative lawmakers: the unlikely group ‘holding hands in prayer’ each week in DC

    In this deeply partisan political climate, it may come as a surprise to many that a group of Senate Democrats and Republicans come together each week to pray. “It is literally the ...

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    Should DC Comics portray Jesus as a superhero?


    DC Comics has a new superhero and His name is Jesus. DC Vertigo will star Christ Himself in an upcoming comic series called Second Coming, which features Jesus returning to earth on ...

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    Is this the greatest hymn ever written about Jesus?


    This week, in January of 1792, Edward Perronet died. His great hymn All hail the power of Jesus’ name is sung all over the English-speaking world. It is a wonderful hymn, steeped in biblical ...

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    Top 7 religious freedom victories in 2018

    religious freedom

    There’s more good news coming out of 2018. Religious freedom scored several important victories across the United States. Religious freedom is a right, given by God and guaranteed by the First Amendment of ...

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    Where is God in your New Year?

    A long time ago there was once a King named David.  His Kingdom had grown, and he became great in the eyes of his people and surrounding nations.  One day he decided ...

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    Christmas has come and gone and it’s now when we often reflect on the season, the year, lessons learned and maybe lessons lost. It’s always been important to me that my son ...

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    Tebow reflects on how NFL career ended: ‘God, what do you want me to do with this?’

    It’s crazy to think that Tim Tebow last threw a meaningful NFL pass nearly seven years ago. Jan. 8 will mark the seventh anniversary of that memorable play. And while Tebow has ...

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    Is sharing your faith now taboo in America?


    The American religious landscape is changing before our eyes. The number of those identifying with faith is declining and believers are experiencing heightened nervousness at standing out from a secularized culture. Those ...

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    NASA’s Christmas message in 1968


    In December 1968, NASA launched the first manned mission to the moon. No one, not even the astronauts aboard, was certain that they’d be able to return safely.  Their journey, the most ...

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    Christmas Eve busy time for churches across America


    At the nondenominational, multi-campus Faith Church in Missouri, Christmas Eve will be the culmination of a long weekend of creative celebration focused on family, Christ and saving souls. “Each service is another opportunity to ...

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    3 kinds of students who leave Christianity after high school

    students college

    “I just don’t believe what you believe anymore.” These are words that no Christian parent or youth leader ever wants to hear. After this bombshell hits and the shockwaves subside, we wonder ...

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    Kansas State and NFL receiver Tyler Lockett values trust and creativity

    Tyler Lockett is a versatile NFL talent, an instinctive and creative playmaker as both a receiver and a Pro-Bowl returner! Lockett shows his heart, not only making plays on the field, but ...

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    Zechariah is a snuggly and lovable kid when it comes to his momma. He runs to me with excitement when he’s happy; he calls out to me when scared. He cries to ...

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    Using art to learn how to love during Christmas


    Art and advent: learning how to LOVE during the season ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO—Art and advent seem to go together like love and marriage. For millennia artist have captured the events surrounding the ...

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    Christian revival: This season, Donald Trump brings faith in God back to the Presidency

    I don’t expect Donald Trump to announce a transition into the ministry any time soon. But the man has really turned things around in the aftermath of Obama, with regard to invoking ...

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    Christmas memories: Mysterious nativity set prompts prayer for previous owners

    So…the back story: My husband, Bob, and I were in Belton, Missouri, visiting a couple of antique stores. I came across this entire Willow Tree nativity set and instantly fell in love ...

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    “But I don’t wanna do my homework, Mommy!” Looking around the messy kitchen and lacking the motivation to clean it or cook dinner, I made my son a deal. Mommy does the ...

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    Siblings to celebrate 93rd Christmas together


    The Mangham siblings of Georgia are in the Christmas spirit – just as they’ve been for 93 years. That’s how many Christmases the clan of four sisters and one brother have been ...

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    5 big obstacles of a healthy prayer life

    judge prayer

    Prayer is the one thing we can do any time, anywhere. Yet, it’s often the thing we relegate to last place on our daily priority list. Believe it or not, it can ...

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    Historians claim Ark of the Covenant is hidden in an Ethiopian church


    The search for the Ark of the Covenant has led to renewed speculation that the biblical artifact may be hidden inside a church in Ethiopia, but historians have pushed back against the ...

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    Pro Bowl linebacker after ex-teammate’s tragic death: ‘I gave my life to Christ’

    Nov. 27, 2018, marked the 11-year anniversary of the untimely death of Washington Redskins superstar safety Sean Taylor. Taylor was only 24 when he was shot and killed by intruders in his ...

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    Sin. The Reason for the Season.

    Legendary country singer Johnny Cash is one of many artists that have recorded the famous Christmas carol, Silent Night.  I can usually get the first verse by memory, but the second I ...

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    Pearl Harbor, General MacArthur and the rhyme of history

    pearl harbor

    I was born December 5, 1941, two days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into the Second World War. Many years later I could hardly believe ...

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    Finding a Christmas present with a purpose

    Like most children, Christmas was my absolute favorite day of the year. While I still love all of the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday, as I have become an adult, ...

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    VeggieTales accused of being racist


    Students at Cal State San Marcos think the Christian cartoon “VeggieTales” is racist because the villains are vegetables of color. Yes, you read that right. The College Fix reports this revelation came to ...

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