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Christian Music Challenge for Lent

christian music challengeCarlsbad, CALIF |Christian News Service| — Often people will celebrate Lent by giving up chocolate, coffee, alcohol, or some other luxury. Christian music expert Al Menconi has a suggestion of his own as a way to prepare for Easter.

Author of The Christian Music Challenge: Find Peace and Purpose in a Chaotic World, Menconi recommends giving up secular music until April 17.

As added incentive during the Lenten season and to help better understand the value of listening to Christian music, Menconi is offering a free downloadable copy of The Christian Music Challenge.

The offer is good until March 22.

“I suggest that we use the next few weeks until Easter Sunday, April 20th, as a time to focus our minds and hearts on Christ,” Menconi said. “The simplest way that I know to do this is by listening to Christian music. A lot of Christian music.”

Menconi recalls Isaiah 26:3, which promises perfect peace for those who keep their minds, focused on God.

“From now until Easter, why not listen to music that will help you keep your mind focused on Christ and biblical values? At the same time, evaluate your entertainment choices and eliminate entertainment that is against biblical values.”

Assistance is available in the following ways:

1) The Christian Music Challenge book is absolutely free download at the link below.

2) The ChristianMusicChallenge.com website has a variety of resources to help stay focused including our FREE daily devotional. (You may sign up on the website).

3) Visit the Christian Music Challenge Facebook page for the latest in the world of Christian music. It is also a great place to write comments, ask questions, and encourage others.

4) Invite friends to join the Challenge. Accountability and encouragement is an important aspect of the Challenge.

To receive a copy of the Christian Music Challenge, use the promo code LENT and CLICK HERE to download.

If you don’t have an iPad/Kindle or an eReader, you can still download the PDF version for your computer.

In exchange for the book, Menconi asks for readers to write a review on Amazon.com or on the Christian Music Challenge Facebook Page.


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