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Church of Sweden changes sexual identity of Jesus

The Diocese of Västerås, a division of the Church of Sweden, is now giving away an LGBTQ guide for “Christian queer kids.” Bible-believing Christians may be stunned to hear that this extreme guide describes Jesus as “queer” and Joseph as transvestite.

No, this isn’t just some radical college course about the Bible. This is coming from the actual Church of Sweden.

The church, which identifies as Protestant, has created what it calls a “survival guide” for LGBTQ youth. A Swedish news site, Nya DagBladet, states the church’s guide contains definitions and concepts, a bit about the Bible and LGBTQ, as well as Bible stories that it claims are related to LGBTQ people.

The guide also includes definitions for sexual terms, such as “cisperson,” “gender fluid,” “nonbinary,” “queer,” “two sex norm,” “rainbow fairs” and more.

It states Jesus’ mother Mary dared “to break traditional sex norms in a patriarchal society.”

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And the biblical character of Joseph is described as a person who “breaks the norms in terms of gender expression and probably went in a suit intended for a king’s daughter.”

Jesus is described as someone who “broke the norm,” calling him “queer” for the way he lived his life. Also, the guide states he “did not defend the traditional family.”

This is part of a growing support for LGBTQ values within left-leaning segments of the church. Different denominations have battled internally with approving gay clergy.