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‘Cussing Pastor’ under fire for allowing twerking contest

Thaddeus Matthews, a controversial Memphis pastor better known as the “Cussing Pastor” for his profanity-laced messages which have attracted millions of viewers online, is defending his decision to host a sexually provocative twerking contest at his church, telling his critics  “f__ you.”

“This message is for all you hypoChristians who live hypocritical and f___ up lives when you have the nerve to judge someone else. I look at many of you who have criticized the young ladies who were dancing in my gymnasium in my church. I look on your pages, you got your a__, your t___ out. You got all type of trash in your life but you want to be the one to judge – f__ you,” said Matthews, who leads the Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries, in a video message posted on Instagram. “You motherf____ who are out here judging, there is nothing in the Bible about dancing but it is judging. Again, f__ you.”

Matthews, who launched his ministry about three years ago, building on a longtime career as a controversial broadcaster in Memphis, doesn’t consider his unorthodox ministry offensive to God and says that he doesn’t consider his use of expletives in his messages swearing.

“There is a difference in ‘cussing’ and ‘cursing’ as people say. The words that we use today like mother f____, sh__, damn, were not words that were used in biblical times.

“So I don’t have an issue with the cussing. And the people that listen to me don’t have an issue with the cussing, and I’m not trying to justify it to the traditional churchgoer,” the preacher explained.

His latest controversy involving the twerking women, stems from a new initiative he started in his church called Soulful Sunday, an event he describes as clean adult fun which is held in the gymnasium of his church every Sunday from 3-6 p.m.

“I bet your church to stick up to have fun, Soulful Sunday in the gym of Naked Truth Liberation And Empowerment Ministries, every Sunday from 3-6 pm,” Matthews wrote in a post on Instagram late last month in which he shared video of buxom women twerking to popular hip-hop music.

One Christian critic identified only as, theking6877, urged Matthews to repent.

“Woe be unto the pastors who scatter the sheep of my flock! I don’t think you understand how many people just got turned off & walked away from wanting any interest in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is truly not of God, you need to repent so you can make it into Heaven. The blood is on your hands sir & you will have to answer to all of this! REPENT & come out of that backslidden state!” he wrote.

In subsequent posts however, Matthews argued that the women dancing in the video were visiting his church after a long absence from any church at all.

“You can’t clean a fish until you catch it, and you can’t catch a fish until you go where it’s at, I’m not trying to attract the traditional church goer but those in the streets that need to hear a word from God to make a difference in their lives. At Naked Truth I don’t care about your son of choice I just want you to know that no matter who you are God Loves you and I welcome you,” Matthews wrote in a recent Instagram post where he explained his after-church events.

“I know that my posts about my Soulful Sundays which are held here in my gymnasium here at the church is upsetting some of you traditional church folk. ‘Oh Lord, he going to hell. Why they doing that in the church,’” Matthews continued mimicking his critics.

“Why is it with your fake phony a__es that you believe that because you love God, that you cannot enjoy life. That’s the bullsh__ from the pulpit that you have been taught for years. There is nothing wrong in you enjoying yourself and enjoying life and we have good clean adult fun each and every Sunday evening, not in my sanctuary, but in my gym, here in Memphis at the Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries. So if you’re mad get over it because this is something. It’s a new day, a new thing and we’re trying to save those who are lost,” he said.

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