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Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Does Your Work Matter?

By Linda Fields |


Linda Fields, Director of the Joseph Company.

Linda Fields, Director of the Joseph Company.

To develop your entrepreneurial spirit, your first priority is to understand if, and how, it matters.

For decades there has been a schism that has plagued entrepreneurial men and women as they go about their business. The schism is that what entrepreneurs and people in business do is second class to the people who are doing the work of full time ministry. We have failed to see that ministry is in fact fulfilling any assignment that the Lord has given us whether it is on full- time ministry org chart or in the workplace.

Everyone’s work is important to God as they labor in God’s will regardless of the sphere of influence—Media, Government, Family, Celebration, Religion, Education, and the Economy—all have the same invitation to bring impact in their particular sphere of society. Every man and woman working in their place of assignment can bring glory to God, and we ought to. It comes when we embrace our callings and shed the guilt when there is none to be had.

Jesus was a carpenter. God worked to create the earth. Be encouraged to understand that there is a reason you enjoy your work as Jesus did. Many of you have an entrepreneurial spirit; you love to put deals together and develop property or invest in startups.

When your vision is aligned with the relieving reality of how important your entrepreneurial work is to God, you are commissioned to do it with all of your heart and all of your skill as holy work. Embrace the validation that you are not a second class citizen in God’s kingdom. Begin to pray about your ideas, speak them out with greater confidence and imagine the possibilities with God. Ponder what He has in mind for your entrepreneurial drive. Next month we will explore some of the exciting outlets or expressions for your spirit of entrepreneurship. Until then, remember, your work matters to God.

Now you can get down to business.

Linda Fields, is Director of The Joseph Company. Learn more about developing your personal vision for significant impact through The Joseph Company events. Visit Ihopkc.org/josephcompany


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