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Faithlife TV is for Christians interested in ‘digging into Scripture’

For most streaming services, entertainment is the primary goal. Think Amazon Prime or even YouTube. Then there’s Faithlife TV Plus.

It’s a relatively new streaming service that – yes – wants to entertain its audience but also wants its subscribers to learn and grow in their Christian faith.

In fact, dramatic movies aren’t even their main attraction. Instead, “edifying” content is.

There’s Fragments of Truth, which examines the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts. There’s The Most Reluctant Convert, an onstage production about C.S. Lewis. And there’s Archaeology and Jesus, which follows scholars as they journey to Israel.

You’ll find historical documentaries about Martin Luther, Harriet Tubman and St. Patrick. You’ll also discover documentaries about science (Incredible Creatures that Defy Devolution) and travel (St. Paul in Greece).

The service has content for children, too, including Torchlighters, Bible Agent 7 and Gigi: God’s Little Princess.

Reuben Evans, executive director of Faithlife TV, calls it content for “motivated students of Scripture.”

“There’s a certain time when as you begin to grow, and you get hungry, you start studying the Bible,” Evans told me. “Maybe you go and get a concordance or you get a study Bible. Or you maybe even go get a commentary because you’re trying to dig into Scripture and go that next level. That is who Faithlife TV is designed for.”

If you’ve never heard of Faithlife TV, then perhaps you’ve heard of its sister software, the popular Logos Bible Software, that is made by the parent company, Faithlife.

“We’re used by pastors and professors and students of the Bible around the globe,” Evans said. “And so we’ve actually taken that experience and we have brought that into the area of media to produce films. … If you’re interested in really studying the Bible and digging into Scripture, we think we’ve got some fun films for you to watch.”

For Christian families who are searching for a streaming service that goes beyond the typical fare, Faithlife TV Plus is worth trying. Visit FaithlifeTV.com.

–Michael Foust