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Bob Hartley praying form the state of IHOPKC's prayer room in December 2023. Photo: video

Fallout over another IHOPKC-linked assault claim

Leaders of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City continue to address allegations of sexual misconduct in the organization. In the latest move, IHOPKC banned self-styled “prophet” Bob Hartley of Hartley Hope Ministries from its 24/7 prayer room after he was publicly accused of sexual assault and a pattern of predatory behavior allegedly affecting multiple women.

“Based on information we have been presented and verified, Mr. Hartley has been informed he will no longer be permitted access to the IHOPKC Prayer Room,” spokesman Eric Volz said. “We can also confirm he is not on staff at IHOPKC, nor is he a congregant of Forerunner Church.”

Michelle Seidler, a former prophetic teacher and team Leader at IHOPKC, alleged on Facebook last week that Hartley tried to seduce one woman with fake prophecy. Also an alleged victim of Hartley’s, Seidler began publishing the firsthand accounts she had received from multiple women against Hartley days earlier with a trove of evidence, including video, text messages and accounts.

Hartley is said to be a friend of IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle, whom the ministry recently cut ties with and is currently under investigation for abuse allegations. Bickle released a staement admitting to sin but did not elaborate on the specifics. Hartley acknowledged the claims against him in an at times incoherent video that since has been removed from Facebook.

“I never would push myself on anyone,” he said. “These are women who are very strong, and they won’t do anything unless it’s in their heart to do it. When something is brought into a criminal place, it’s very clear what defamation is. If people want to be deposed, I’ve never said the other side of the story on different situations, and I won’t. But it’s different than what you think.”

In one video shared by Seidler on Facebook, Hartley appears to be seeking intimacy with a woman while flaunting his wealth. She said the woman who sent her the video told her she had only met Hartley once at his home “with a group of other people he was prophesying over.”

Hartley tells the woman in the recording that he is not a “sex fiend” but a “love fiend” and he would be willing to “bless” her financially for her company.

“I’m not a sex fiend,” he said. “You know, I kind of plug in. But I am a love fiend where I love and that intimacy that comes from the heart. That’s what I’m into. Just want to turn this around. I don’t know, but I need to hear from you, and I need to hear. I’ll meet at this place … and I’ll send you the money for … a little bit a travel you’re doing.”

In another alleged encounter with Hartley, Seidler shared the story of a woman who claims he tried to abuse her by using fake prophecy.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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