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FCA launches 5-week devotional on unity featuring Dr. King

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has released a five-week devotional series celebrating the beauty of different races and cultures that make up the unity of the Body of Christ.

The project comes as the nation commemorates Black History Month.

“Our relationships and experiences largely shape the way we see the world and, more importantly, the people in it, creating lenses that can provide a wide loving and understanding view, or lenses that create a narrow, and many times judgmental, view,” says FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson.

He shares that the Holy Spirit may shape these lenses to help us see individuals as God sees them through a relationship with Jesus Christ. “This ultimately gives us Calvary-tinted glasses that help us view others through the perfect lens of Jesus and the incredible sacrifice He gave for all!”

The series covers unity, hope, community, and accountability among other topics. The first release, “Heavenly Unity,” concentrates on unity through Christ.

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Joy Cofield, FCA’s Support Center EVP of Human Resources, teaches participants how to humble the drive for personal success and blend into the body of Christ.

“This manifests as having compassion, understanding, and love for one another. Unity shows up as support for someone who is really struggling to be understood or as strength for those who are weak.,” she says.

FCA partnered with the Bible app to present several guided devotionals on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values, including “Integrity,” “Forgiveness,” “Surrender,” and “Love Your Competitor.”

FCA produced and just updated a five-day YouVersion reading app called “Still Pursuing the Dream” to celebrate King and his dream for love, the ministry of presence, knowledge and understanding, God’s heart, and God’s purpose.

Every FCA devotional encourages coaches and athletes to follow Christ on and off the field.

-Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice




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