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FCA’s Fields of Faith set for October 9 at nation’s high schools

Hundreds of thousands of high school athletes are taking a stand for Christ as the new school year kicks off.

Nearly 250,000 students, coaches and community members are expected to come together on more than 500 athletic fields on Oct. 9 to share the gospel, CBN News reported. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, based in Kansas City, is sponsor of the 16th annual Fields of Faith event. Students will lead the gatherings and challenge their peers to pray, read the Bible and follow Christ.

“Year after year, it’s an enormous blessing to see all that God has accomplished through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Fields of Faith,” said Jeff Martin, executive director of ministry advancement for FCA. “Growing from just a few thousand students at a handful of fields to nearly a quarter of a million attendees worldwide is incredible evidence of the Lord’s power and sovereignty, as He leads us to deepen our relationship with him, talk to him daily and get into his word on a regular basis.”

Martin started Fields of Faith in 2004 as a way to bring people together at the same time to read scripture and share their testimonies. The first event was held on 23 fields with 6,000 people participating. Over the years, the event has expanded across the country as students continue to inspire others in the spiritual movement. According to FCA, last year’s event was held on 521 fields with 198,000 people in attendance, and it continues to grow.

The primary focus for Fields of Faith is students sharing their faith with others and revealing what God has done in their lives. “None of this would be possible without God and the students He raises up to organize these amazing events, where they share how Jesus has changed their lives,” Martin said.

For more information, visit www.fieldsofaith.com.