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Federal court strikes down transgender mandate for health-care professionals

A so-called “transgender mandate” that required medical professionals and religious health-care workers to perform gender transition procedures on patients has been struck down by a federal court in North Dakota.

According to Becket Law, the transgender mandate was issued in 2016 under the Obama administration, forcing members of the health-care community to violate their medical judgment and religious beliefs. Surgeons were included in those required to perform surgeries and treatments even on minors.

“Now more than ever, Americans are grateful for the sacrifices of our medical professionals who serve on the front lines and use their training and expertise to serve the vulnerable,” said Luke Goodrich, senior counsel at Becket. “The court’s decision recognizes our medical heroes’ right to practice medicine in line with their conscience and without politically motivated interference from government bureaucrats.”

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In 2016, Becket filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Sisters of Mercy and several religious organizations against the provision of the Affordable Care Act. The ruling was put on hold, and in 2019 another federal court in Texas struck it down. In June 2020, the Department of Health and Human Service passed another directive, but other courts overturned that new rule.
The ruling was the second from a federal court blocking the mandate. The ruling safeguards patients, supports current medical studies and aims to ensure that medical providers aren’t forced to violate their religious convictions.

Dr. Ryan Anderson, formerly with the Heritage Foundation, tweeted that the ruling was “another crucial victory” and that “Bad medicine shouldn’t be mandated The cultural moment in which we’re living suggests that there’s only one allowed conclusion to this question. And the only allowed conclusion is that (gender) transition is the best solution. The biggest data set shows that there’s no benefits, psychological benefits, to patients of hormonal and surgical transition.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice