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FINISH 2030: Fulling the Great Commission

FINISH 2030, a campaign from the Global Church Network, has an ambitious mission to fulfill the Great Commission by the church’s 2,000th birthday in 2020.

“A vision becomes a goal when it has a deadline,” said Dr. James O. Davis, founder and president of the organization. “One of the reasons the Great Commission hasn’t been fulfilled yet is because we never established a deadline. FINISH 2030 offers a new overarching strategy, one that is synergistic, global in scope and capable of getting the church to the finish line sooner than we ever dreamed possible.”

FINISH 2030 is an acronym for Find, Intercede, Network, Invest, Send and Harvest.

“We are living in the greatest time in history, where it is possible to finish the Great Commission in our lifetime,” said Timothy Hill, Ph.D., general overseer of the Church of God. “It is time for us to become Great Commission leaders.”

Global Church Network has partnered with more than 700,000 churches worldwide, and at FINISH 2030 Summits, leaders are working toward another goal of training 110,000 pastors in nine years or fewer. The organization currently has 159 Global Hubs of Christianity, with 39 new hubs set to open in Europe during 2024. Davis said he hopes to have 640 European Hubs open in fewer than 10 years.

“The European nations represent some of the most difficult places to plant churches, to network leaders and to equip pastors,” he told Religion News Service. “Meanwhile, the long-established models of training and preparation for full-time ministry cannot keep pace with the unprecedented growth of the global Christian Church, resulting in a significant shortage of trained pastors and ministers.”

Davis spoke at a recent FINISH Europe summit, saying, “so many Christian leaders today doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts. It is time for us to doubt our doubts and believe our beliefs. We will claim, climb and conquer our Mt Everest, the Great Commission.

Several more FINISH summits are scheduled for the 18 months. The final summit is the Jerusalem 2030 Summit and is scheduled for 2030.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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