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Need a media break? Here are five signs to watch out for

The negative effects of social media on children have been hotly debated. Adults also may benefit from reduced screen time. Here are five signs that it may be time to take a break from secular social media.

Anxiety. Social media can invoke anxiety from theories of things going on in the world to misunderstandings with friends socially to the sheer idea of something that is not even there. If you find after you scroll social media that you are experiencing minor or major anxiety, it may be a sign that you need a timeout and you need to be refreshed with a full drink of peace.

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Irritability. The human brain was not designed to spend the great majority of its time staring at a glass screen; if it were, we would have had screens since the dawn of time. Feeling a tad cross, easily provoked or disgruntled at the outside world are telltale signs that the off button on your phone should be used.

Comparison. Comparison is a thief of joy, and the enemy will use it to convince you that everyone else has a better life than you do. This is where a respite from social media can help, because you will find having real, raw and authentic conversations with others outside of apps and see that everyone experiences struggles, joy-filled days and real life outside of what can be captured with a phone.

Depression. Depression can sweep over like a tidal wave and keep you trapped underwater for a long time, and that can be hard to overcome and untether yourself from. If you are feeling that being flooded by these reports is resulting in a poor effect on your mental health, it may be wise to bow out from it all for a period.

Moving in your spirit. God may have placed upon your spirit to fast from social media for a time so your focus may be upon him. If you are feeling inclined in this way, pray about it. Ask the Lord to make it clear to your heart and mind with peace or confirmation that you are not to be on social media for a time, and then come before him fully in expectation that the time spent with him rather than scrolling an app will be well spent and that you will come into a greater communion and understanding of the one who loves you most.

At first, you likely will feel uncomfortable when you shut down the apps you are almost robotically attuned to opening. You may feel the twinge of dissonance that you are no longer feeding your brain with constant entertainment, videos and content that it has also come to expect. These feelings are natural, but remember there was a time before you had social media, and you functioned quite well. If nothing else, take it as an experiment that by giving your mind time to reset and renew, you will take with you something refreshing that you’ve been craving for a long time but could only access by putting down social media.

Experts say that childhood now ends when parents hand smartphones to their kids. It is leading to millions of parents now choosing to only allow kids to have flip phones that are not connected to the internet.

But what about positive social media for adults? Christian experts say that while stepping away from secular social media is good, faith-based social media offers news grounded in a biblical worldview and hope.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

Image: Pexels

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