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Jack Brewer. Photo: screenshot.

Former NFL player predicts a “black awakening” will reelect Trump

A black “awakening” will help President Trump win reelection in 2020, according to a former NFL player.

“For me, once I saw the policies that President Obama pushed in the back half of his presidency just — it left a bad taste in my mouth,” Jack Brewer said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” last week. “And then I really started awakening to what was happening with the Democratic Party — making so many promises but then abandoning the community that I worked so hard in.”

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Brewer now leads The Brewer Group, which encourages “a deep commitment to community service into … daily corporate culture.” In the NFL, the standout defensive back played for the Vikings, Giants, Eagles and Cardinals.

Brewer also expressed frustration with the 1994 crime bill, a point of contention others have raised surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden’s relationship with the black community.

Jack Brewer talks about how the black community is improving

“I said enough was enough,” he said, “and I really started putting aside what my parents and my grandparents taught me about sticking to the Democratic Party because they were the party for African Americans. You know all that rhetoric sounded good back in the ’60s, but the facts are that the policies just don’t help our families.”

Brewer’s comments about a black awakening come as Trump battles House Democrats over impeachment and touts his economic record, which includes record-low unemployment for African Americans. Trump has accused Democrats and members of the “deep state” — including the FBI — of unfairly targeting him in the Russia investigation and other matters.

African Americans, Brewer indicated, should sympathize with Trump given their history with the FBI. “You got the FBI blatantly going after the president in targeting him, changing emails, and going after him in the same corrupt way that they went against Martin Luther King and many black leaders,” he said.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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