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FROM THE CHEAP SEATS – KC Chiefs on a roll entering playoffs

As we all know, the Kansas City Chiefs began the season with a miserable 3-4 record through the first 7 games of the season and everyone was quick to blame the offense for their struggles. That wasn’t totally wrong though as the offense made it a habit of turning over the ball at an unprecedented rate, at least from what we’ve grown accustomed to.

In the losses to the Baltimore Ravens the Chiefs turned it over twice. They turned it over four times in their loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Four turnovers against the Buffalo Bills and three turnovers against the Tennessee Titans for a total of 13 turnovers in their four losses and 17 turnovers through the first seven games.

However, through 15 games, the Chiefs have 25 turnovers. That means during the eight game winning streak, they have turned over the ball eight times. That’s right…..just eight times. That, combined with a resurgence of the defense, has them in good position in the AFC playoffs and home field advantage through at least the first two games.

Of those 25 turnovers, 13 of them are interceptions thrown by Patrick Mahomes. I find it amusing when folks say that balls that bounce off of receivers hands or heads or any other body part that you can imagine, shouldn’t be credited to the quarterback. To a certain degree I kind of agree with that take. I mean it’s not his fault that the receiver couldn’t catch it. But I say if you’re going to count those against the quarterback, let’s not count the 80 yard touchdown pass when he throws a 5 yard out pattern and the receiver takes it to the house. Just saying!

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Back to the defense though. There are several reasons that their defense has been on fire but I believe that the number one reason is the addition of Melvin Ingram, who they acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers in a trade deadline transaction that appears to be the shot in the arm that they needed. The defense has allowed 306 points a game through 15 games, an average of 20.4 points a game. As a matter of fact, since their week 7 loss to Tennessee, the Chiefs have only allowed more than 20 points once, against the Los Angeles Chargers in their 34-28 overtime win.

The Chiefs are playing great football right now and I’d love to see them make it to Super Bowl! We’ll see.

–Rob Mooney, Metro Voice sports writer