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MLB: Major League Baseball……I’m so over you!! Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite sport is baseball. When I watch other sports I have to kind of like one of the teams that are playing or like a player that is playing. With baseball, I could watch ANY teams play at any level. Pro, Semi-pro, college, high school and even little league. (I remember watching Alex Gordon play against KU in Lawrence when he played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers). I even watched a little bit of the Korean League.

I know that I don’t matter to Major League Baseball. I try to go to at least 1 game a year, but even recently that hasn’t always happened. I don’t spend lots of money on tickets, clothing or memorabilia so my opinion doesn’t really matter to the powers that be and I’m fine with that.

If they play a season this year will I watch? Probably.

Will I root for the Royals? Always!

Will I watch the postseason and the World Series? Absolutely!

Will I lose sleep if they don’t play this year or even strike in 2021? Never!

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The negotiations are a joke. The owners were wanting the players to prorate their salaries based on the number of games played. This was after the players agreed to reduce their salaries back in March. The owners kept asking for more and the players kept rejecting the proposals. Now before we get all high and mighty and crucify the players for their continued rejections, let’s put it in our worlds. Would you agree to making around 25% of your normal salary to continue doing your job? That’s what owners were asking players to do. Sure, lots of players make millions of dollars, but that’s irrelevant right now. It doesn’t matter how much you make, working for 25% of your salary is just wrong. I know I wouldn’t do it. If you would, then I guess you’re better than I am. We all live lifestyles that are dictated by the amount of money we make.

Back to the negotiations. The worst thing about it is their Collective Bargaining Agreement expires December 2021. After watching the way these talks have occurred, I’m not sure they will be able to accomplish a whole lot without concessions being made by both sides. Add to the fact that baseball commissioner Rob Manfred just imposed a 60 game schedule with pro-rated salaries to begin at the end of July and we have the makings for a very heated Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiation next year and a potential strike.

Come on players, you get paid millions to play a game. Come on owners, you make billions by just owning a team. Get together, get it done and play ball!! If you don’t put aside your differences there may not be much interest in your product after the current CBA expires!

–Rob Mooney, Metro Voice sports writer