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Covid19 is not only wreaking havoc across the United States, it’s also causing a nightmare for the NCAA as they try and get the football season in. There have been over 80 games that have either been cancelled or postponed this season already, including 16 from Week 12. As we are 3 days out from Week 13, there are already 2 games that have been cancelled. We are definitely limping towards the finish line and who knows what the college playoffs will look like.

Right now it’s a 4 team stampede consisting of Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Clemson. As long as all of these teams win out, these should be the teams that get in. Notice that there are no Big 12 teams this year. All of the Big 12 teams have at least 2 losses, including conference leader Iowa State. Wait, did I just refer to the Iowa State Cyclones as the conference leader? This has been a crazy year!

This past weekend, Clemson traveled to Tallahassee, Florida to play the Florida State Seminoles. Just hours before the game, Florida State administration decided to postpone the game because a backup offensive lineman for Clemson tested positive for Covid and they felt uncomfortable playing the game.

When I first heard this I was rather surprised and assumed that the Seminoles were just looking to not play the Tigers. However, after researching a bit more, since the infected player is an offensive lineman, it makes a little more sense. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney blasted the Florida State administration for the postponement and went as far as saying that the Seminoles forfeited the game. It cost Clemson around $250,000 to travel to Florida for the game and they even offered to play the game on Sunday or Monday, but Florida State wasn’t having any of it. The game is tentatively scheduled for December 12th.

This college season has been a mess and I think that most schools are just trying to get through the process. I know that schools are following protocol and doing the best that they can but if the football season is having such a difficult time, just wait until basketball season begins. It could real messy. As a matter of fact, Duke’s opening game against Gardner-Webb scheduled for Wednesday, November 25th has already been cancelled.

It will be interesting to see how the football season finishes and how the basketball season plays out.  Whatever happens, brace yourself for more cancellations and postponements as we move forward.

–Rob Mooney, Metro Voice sports writer