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Global Outreach Day Seeks Church Participation June 14

By Kharissa Forte |

“Everyone can reach someone, and together we can reach the world,” is the mission phrase behind Global Outreach Day celebrated on June 14. The international event stems from the Global Day of Prayer with the intent of inviting Christians around the world to share the gospel on the same day, at the same time.

This year, G.O.D. takes its efforts locally. Instead of encouraging every Christian to share the gospel on the same day, G.O.D. now engages the city itself, through interactive events, to get people involved on every level.

The pilot town: Kansas City.

harvest pic“In the past two years, we’ve had an estimated 25 million participants,” said Kevin Stark, G.O.D. KC director. “This year, we’re looking to up that number to 40 million.”

There are several types of “events” or ways to get involved:

1-on-1 Events: These types of events involve Christians inviting someone to their home, going to a coffee shop or out for lunch in a one-on-one effort to share how to establish a relationship with Jesus.

2×2 Events: In two-by-two events, Christians are encouraged to go out in pairs to their neighborhoods or hospitals.

Care and Share Events: Community service events such as cutting a neighbor’s grass or helping someone with groceries are care and share events.

Area Events: An area event consists of a church or organization hosting a movie, concert, or other group-style event.

“It’s a cataclysmic event that turns into people sharing the gospel on a daily basis,” Stark said.

Churches and organizations within a 60-mile radius of Kansas City have signed up to get involved. Grandview, Independence, and Lee’s Summit are some of the cities on board.

“We have 25 churches right now,” Stark said. “We want to get up to 200.”

Coordinator trainers are placed in charge of certain areas. When people, churches, or organizations express interest in being involved, they are given information on what’s currently planned in that location. They can either opt to join in on the action or start an event of their own.

“When we change hearts, we change the city,” Stark said. “You don’t have to be a street evangelist to make a difference.”

To get involved locally, text GODKC to 85005 or e-mail KevinStark@hotmail.com. For more information on Global Outreach Day KC, visit www.globaloutreachday.com.


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