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Giving to ministries remains strong despite slight decline in 2022

Donations to Christian ministries declined last year for the first time in a decade, according to the annual State of Giving Report from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Cash giving declined less than 1 percent between 2021 and 2022 after two years of record giving during the pandemic. However, giving to ECFA members in 2022 outpaced giving to all U.S. charities by roughly 10 percent.

Although the dip may be cause for concern, giving has been strong so far in 2023, with 60 percent of churches reporting an increase in cash giving compared to 2022. More than half of ECFA’s members are optimistic about cash giving projections for 2024. Despite the impact of inflation, most churches and ministries plan to maintain or increase programming next year.

“Through fluctuations in the stock market and the continued impact of inflation, I am encouraged to see an ongoing support for Christ-centered churches and ministries,” said Michael Martin, president and CEO of the ECFA “This generosity positions ECFA members to continue weathering the storms, advancing the positive impact of their causes both domestically and globally.”

The ECFA report breaks down giving into 35 ministry segments, many of which reported growth. The most significant cash-giving increases occurred in education, three segments of which were in the top five spots for ministries experiencing the highest cash-giving growth from 2021 to 2022.

Categories and change in giving:

  • Education: K-12, 28.6 percent
  • Education: College and University, 17.1 percent
  • Education: Graduate and Seminary, 16.9 percent
  • Associations and Societies, 9.6 percent
  • Medical, Dental and Health Services, 8.2 percent
  • Publishing and Distribution, 7.0 percent
  • Advocacy, Legal Services, and Public Policy and Education, 4.0 percent
  • Prison and Post-Prison Ministry, 3.0 percent
  • Church: Planting, 2.4 percent
  • Pregnancy Resource Center, 2.3 percent
  • Student and Youth Ministry, 2.3 percent
  • Anti-Human Trafficking, 2 percent
  • Children’s Ministry, 1.7 percent
  • Adoption, 1.3 percent
  • Other, 0.9 percent
  • Missions: Domestic, 0.7 percent
  • Bible Study, Engagement and Training, 0.6 percent
  • Leadership Training, Ministry Training and Consulting, 0.5 percent
  • Relief and Development, 0.1 percent
  • Discipleship, -0.1 percent
  • Community Development, -0.1 percent
  • Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation, -0.7 percent
  • Missions: International (including Short-Term Missions), -1.7 percent
  • Evangelism, -1.8 percent
  • Church: Denomination, -3.3 percent
  • Disability, -3.4 percent
  • Family, Marriage and Children’s Services, -3.6 percent
  • Church: Individual, -3.8 percent
  • Child Sponsorship and Orphan Care, -4.2 percent
  • Children’s Homes, -4.3 percent
  • Media, -5.4 percent
  • Foundations, -6.7 percent
  • Support Services and Pastoral Support, -6.8 percent
  • Rescue Missions and Homeless, -7.4 percent
  • Camps and Conferences, -19.3 percent


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