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Gordon Ramsay in town for restaurant makeover

He’s the gruff restaurateur that shows up at struggling or “past their prime” restaurants in a last ditch effort to save them. Gordon Ramsay’s show called “24 Hours to Hell and Back” which can be watched on the Fox Cable Network, is currently in production. Ramsay and his busy beaver crew are currently in Kansas City trying to give one lucky restaurant a second chance at  new life and prosperity.

Here’s the premise of the show: 24 Hours to Hell and Back follows Ramsay around the country to restaurants only one bad Yelp review from failure. After setting a timer for 24 hours, Ramsay sets out to fix and change the restaurants from the top to bottom. In traditional Gordon Ramsay fashion, he aggressively takes a cleaver to any mismanagement or carelessness he sees, whether it’s in the staff, food or the atmosphere of the restaurant itself.

FOX4 said in a Facebook post they could not reveal the name of the restaurant or the location but one of the station’s Rob Collins spoke with Ramsay Sunday about how hard it is to hide his famous face.

“I go covert, go undercover, whether it’s a jazz player, construction worker, or even the last couple weeks an old lady,” Ramsay said.

FOX4 says the episode shot in Kansas City will air in January.

24 Hours to Hell and Back is the fourth show Ramsay is currently hosting in the U.S., along with MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen, Culinary Genius and MasterChef Junior. And all that hard work is paying off. According to Forbes, Ramsay made $60 million in 2017 from his various business ventures and television shows.