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Grant awarded to the City of Topeka for bikeways and trail extensions

The City of Topeka has been awarded $1,157,894 from the KDOT Transportation Alternatives (TA) Grant Program to implement Phase IV of the Topeka Bikeways Master Plan.

This phase includes 12 projects ranging from small to large that will provide for safer and more connected bike facilities in neighborhoods throughout the city. Those projects include two new major connections to Downtown, a first ever connection and enhancement to a Kansas River levee trail, 8 additional connections to the Shunga, Landon, and Soldier Creek Trails, and a ¾ mile multi-use side path along NW Tyler. In addition, Shawnee County was awarded funds to complete the Deer Creek Trail between Dornwood Park and SE 29th Street.

“This grant from the KDOT Transportation Alternatives Grant Program will better connect the city and make it safer for cyclists – two priorities we heard from the public,” said Bill Fiander, Director of Planning and Development for the City of Topeka. “The City of Topeka is proud of our growing bikeways and complete streets network that benefit all users of streets and trails regardless of how they choose to travel.”

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Total project costs will be split between the TA Grant (80%) and local funds (20%). The city’s match will primarily come from the countywide sales tax dedicated for Bikeways Master Plan implementation.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2023. The City projects are further described below:


Downtown Connections

  1. Kansas Bridge – Laurent to 1st street: Reduction of vehicle lanes and separated bike lanes on the Kansas Avenue Bridge
  2. Landon to downtown connection- Reduction of travel lanes on Monroe and Quincy, separated/buffered bike lanes on Monroe, Quincy, 11th and 12th, and pedestrian lane on Monroe from 15th – 17th


Trail Connections (multiple areas)

  1. 15th street from Kansas Ave to Shunga: Sharrows and signage
  2. 6th and Branner connecting to the Shunga: 10’ Trail connection and signage
  3. North Levee Trail loop: Along the levee from Kansas to Topeka- Trail surface enhancements/signage/access. Tyler north to Laurent and Laurent to Kansas- Sharrows
  4. 20th and Kansas connecting to the Shunga: 10’ Trail connection and signage
  5. 21st and Western connecting to the Shunga: 10’ Trail connection and signage
  6. Shunga Trail connection near MacVicar and Shunga Dr: 10’ Trail connection, signage and curb ramps
  7. Waddell to Soldier Creek Trail: 10’ Trail Connection, signage and curb ramps (design will be done with City Street recon project)
  8. Landon Trail to Fremont on 29th: 10’ Shared use path and retaining wall
  9. Liberty and California to the Shunga: 10’ Trail Connection


North Topeka

  1. Tyler- Lyman to Paramore- 10’ Sidepath on East side (design will be done with City Street recon project)

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice

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