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Hallmark giving away a million greeting cards to encourage kids

Hallmark Cards is giving away one million cards from its new Little World Changers collection. The cards encourage and reward kids as they make a difference in the world through acts of kindness.

Consumers can visit www.Hallmark.com/ShareKindness to request a free pack of greeting cards.

The curated selection of greetings and gifts is designed to help encourage children to share their kindness and support with others. By giving away card packs, Hallmark seeks to inspire consumers to celebrate the little ones they love. This limited-time offer is available while supplies last and marks Hallmark’s latest effort to help people put more care in the world.

“For the past 110 years, Hallmark has helped people put more care in the world, and we believe it’s important to teach the current and next generation of Little World Changers about what really matters — kindness,” said Lindsey Roy, chief marketing officer of Hallmark. “We hope this new collection inspires people to slow down and thank kids for their acts of kindness while showing them how much of a positive impact their actions have on themselves and the recipient.”

Hallmark, which is based in Kansas City, believes every kid has the power to change the world in a positive way, which is why this collection is about every kid, for every kid. The Little World Changers words and visuals highlight how positive virtues can come to life in big and small ways, revealing the power each child has to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

Hallmark is also encouraging parents to teach kids how to use the written word to communicate with others. Their website gives says it has several benefits:

  • It’s a great skill for their future endeavors and a fun way to learn handwriting, grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • It gives little ones who struggle with shyness or social skills a way to practice communication without being put on the spot and lets them have time to think through what they’d like to express.
  • It’s also a screen-free way to keep in touch and to connect with faraway family—all with the loving touch of hand-drawn illustrations and handwritten signatures.

Anyone in the continental United States who would like to encourage children to spread kindness may go to Hallmark.com/ShareKindness to claim their free card pack. The entire Little World Changers collection is available online. Visitors also can find helpful tips for encouraging kids and using the right vocabulary to do so, as well as ideas for creating inspirational posters and décor, and tips for writing cards and letters to express caring and kindness.

It is the second time this year that the company has given away cards.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice