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Jon Voight. Photo: Wikicommons.

Here’s Jon Voight’s viral video supporting Israel

Award-winning actor Jon Voight quoted from the Old Testament in a video supporting Israel following the attacks by Hamas.

“Let me read something for you,” he said. “Israel, I love you. Israel will stand tall for the land of its sacred soil. These sick-minded beings have been evil since birth; they’re trained to destroy. God’s power, along with the Israeli army, will end this destruction and the power of this evil. It will be destroyed once and for all so the Jewish people can be in peace, live in safety — to live life. L’Chaim.”

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Voight, an outspoken voice defending Israel and the Jewish people, is host of a 10-part docuseries, “The Land of Israel with Jon Voight: God’s Story” which has been shown on Newsmax.

The Academy Award-winning actor went on to say, “Let me assure you by the almighty power of God and the power of Moses, who once stood in the power of evil forces, that this is the Holocaust. It’s the horror that was witnessed by the Jews of Auschwitz, and I have come now to warn the evil ones that God will show truths again. He shall win this war for his people, as when Moses was able to lift the Red Sea.”

Voight told his social media followers that “the memory of this Hamas Holocaust will haunt all, but we shall heal; we shall make sure this will never happen again. The world is mourning with you, Israel. And the U.S. stands with you and, as Moses says, let our people go. Much love to you, Israel. Much love.”

In July, Voight was in Israel filming the series and met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It’s great to see you here again. We have no better friend than Jon Voight,” Netanyahu tweeted after the meeting.

Voight’s message comes amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the terrorist group governing the Gaza Strip. The death toll in Israel, which is continuing to climb, has reached at least 1,400 civilians dead, at least 170 soldiers slain and more than 3,500 Israelis wounded. Additionally, Hamas terrorists have kidnapped some 200 Israelis and gruesomely murdered dozens of Jewish infants. Another 50 hostages are being held by other jihadists, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the group responsible for the failed rocket launch which exploded in a hospital parking lot.

Soldiers with the Israeli Defense Force are currently staging for a land invasion along the Gaza Strip.

Israeli military forces are expected to enter the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip any day.

Here’s the first episode of Voight’s program streaming on Youtube:


–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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