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Jon Voight. Photo: Movieguide® Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

Actor Jon Voight opens up about hearing God

Actor Jon Voight has been an outspoken conservative, but he recently talked about his faith and hearing God during a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson.

“I was in a lot of trouble at one point,” he said. “I had some problems, and I was really suffering for many reasons. My career was in flux at that time, and lots of things were going on at the time. I was on the floor, I found myself on the floor saying, ‘It’s so difficult. It’s so difficult.’ I said it out loud. And I heard in my ear, ‘It’s supposed to be difficult.'”

The 82-year-old said he got up and briefly reflected on the incident, describing it as “a voice of wisdom, kindness, clarity.. it has so much resonance, this voice. At that time I knew what it meant. I’m not alone. Everything is known… I am known. That’s what it meant to me. I felt this tremendous energy. Somebody’s rooting for me. It’s like, “Don’t give up.”

Voight said he turned on the radio and heard the lyrics to the song “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise,” which he sang during the interview: “I’ll build a stairway to paradise with a new step every day.”

He explained that more unusual incidents occurred over the next few days.

“Things were happening to me,” he said, “and then I was drawn to certain things from that point on and I’ve had many, many experiences but that was the beginning. God is real, He knows us and is on our side.”

Hearing God’s voice inspired Voight to get back on track and be a better person.

“I have fear of the Lord,” he said. “I got it. I am afraid of offending God. Because God is everything. God is love. God is all these beautiful things, beauty, everything. And how can I live up to that? I need a lot of help. I think that is the fear of the Lord. It keeps you on track.”

Voight regularly talks about God to his fans through his social media platforms.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice