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More than 70 homeless baptized after watching “The Blind” movie

The new movie “The Blind,” which tells the story of the “Duck Dynasty” family, is changing lives as well as attracting viewers to the theater. A number of people have been baptized after seeing the movie, which already had earned more than $15 million.

Entrepreneur Ethan Drum helped share the movie with homeless people. More than 100 have now been baptized after seventy people accepted Christ during the initial showing, he said. Some people were so moved that they got baptized on the spot, all a fruitful effort born out of Drum’s quest to bring the gospel to the vulnerable and those struggling.

“I was like, ‘Why don’t we just bring the movie theater to them?’” he said.” “And so I called a friend of mine who owned a production company.”

From there, “The Blind” quickly made its way into these rehab centers, and true life change unfolded. Drum said Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” recorded a personal video to show to the men and women who watched the film. The clip recounted Robertson’s own struggle with alcohol, infidelity and chaos before coming to the Lord.

“He was like, ‘Hey, this movie is about me,” Drum said. “If anyone should be embarrassed, I should — and, by the way, I was where you were and now I’m not There was crying, laughing, gasping. The movie had such an impact, because they were like, `he didn’t actually go back to drugs and alcohol. It actually did change; he finally did stop, and maybe I can stop, too.’”

Drum held impromptu baptisms after the showings. “On those two days combined, over 70 people were baptized,” he said. “And then I’ve been getting text messages that it’s still ongoing … the movement hadn’t stopped.”

Drum said he plans to return to baptize more people still feeling spiritually affected by “The Blind.”

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice


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