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Scottie Scheffler

“I’m trying to glorify God,” says Masters champion Scottie Scheffler

Golfer Scottie Scheffler seemingly came out of nowhere this year to earn the No. 1 ranking in the world. On Sunday, he won the prestigious Masters tournament. In a news conference after his victory, he gave credit first to God and then his wife, Meredith, and his caddie.

“The reason why I play golf is I’m trying to glorify God and all that he’s done in my life,” Scheffler said, according to Sports Spectrum. “So for me, my identity isn’t a golf score. Like Meredith told me this morning, ‘If you win this golf tournament today, if you lose this golf tournament by 10 shots, if you never win another golf tournament again, I’m still going to love you, you’re still going to be the same person, Jesus loves you and nothing changes.’ All I’m trying to do is glorify God, and that’s why I’m here and that’s why I’m in this position.”

Scheffler went on to say he felt God’s presence on the course on Sunday.

“Meredith always prays for peace, because that’s what I want to feel on the golf course, is peace, and have fun and just feel his presence,” he said “So that’s her prayer every day. That’s my prayer, and I really felt that today. I felt at peace.”

Another calming presence for Scheffler was his caddie, Ted Scott, a veteran in the game who caddied for Bubba Watson when he won the Masters in 2012 and 2014. Scott knows the Augusta National course as well as almost anyone.

“He’s only worked for me for now, I don’t even know how many events, like maybe nine or 10. He’s doing pretty good,” Scheffler said with a laugh. “You know, I can’t speak highly enough of Ted as a person, and as a caddie. I respect him so much just as a person. He’s such a fun guy to be around, he’s a man of faith and I love him. I can’t say enough about him. The qualities you look for in a person, Ted embodies pretty much all of them.”

One of the biggest reasons Scheffler wanted to work with Scott was because they both are Christians. Scheffler and Scott first met through a Bible study about a year before they teamed up.

“People a lot of times think, well, if you become a Christian, God’s just gonna make everything easy for you, and that’s not the case,” Scott said during an earlier podcast. “But having the God of the universe, the creator, on your side just makes things a lot easier to deal with. And the principles of the Bible are something that, when you use them, you can see it manifest in your life.”

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice