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Income Tax Course to be offered in Topeka

This fall, students will fill H&R Block offices across the country several nights a week. Yes, students and not taxpayers, will head into offices to study the tax code. H&R Block is not only the expert in tax return preparation, but also makes taxes easy to understand and applicable to the needs of individual taxpayers with the Income Tax Course.

Whether you’ve been thinking about signing up to learn taxes from the nation’s expert or usually only think about taxes on April 15, here are seven signs why the course might be right for you.


  1. Your refund was reduced last year, or less than what you expected.

When your refund amount changes, you might be left wondering what happened. Taking the ITC means you don’t have to wonder. Diving into the tax code and learning how changes in a taxpayer’s life and in the tax code can impact the tax refund builds your tax muscle. This year taxes are changing for virtually everyone because of the impact tax reform makes to the tax benefits of homeownership, parenthood and more. Keeping up with those changes can help taxpayers make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families.


  1. You have a quest for financial knowledge.

Taxes and your financial decisions are intertwined. In the ITC, students connect where money is spent, how it can be saved and what are the results of decisions.

“The class teaches about taxes but adult learners always take that knowledge back to their personal situation,” said Roshelle Fetzer, regional director for H&R Block. Fetzer’s own ITC experience changed how she looked at expenses. “I learned so much more about my financial life in general. I learned what a mortgage was. And I realized I could buy a house for less than what I was paying in rent.”

Not only that, but she started saving for retirement and went back to school. While the ITC is not a financial planning class, the tax code touches on nearly every aspect of life – from marriage, homeownership and health insurance status to moving for a job, starting a small business or saving for retirement.


  1. You are not a math nerd.

You may not be a math nerd, but helping others with their taxes is about more than math. Some of H&R Block’s most knowledgeable tax professionals deftly use their communications skills. Natural communicators can talk to taxpayers and learn about their lives, their goals and translate those to numbers. Karen Orosco, senior vice president of U.S. retail leads the thousands of H&R Block tax office professionals. She looks to hire people who have a “passion” for providing an outstanding client experience and who are “hungry for growth.”

“Being good at taxes isn’t enough,” said Orosco. “I am looking for people with humility, because I think with that comes the willingness to learn and to truly listen to your clients to know what they are needing in that moment.”


  1. You are a math nerd.

If your history includes being the kid that loved math, learning about tax, it is a number system after all, can be enjoyable. If you studied accounting or worked for an accountant, ITC is an opportunity to learn new skills from an industry leader.


  1. You are inquisitive or curious.

If you like to know how things work, studying the tax code can get you a behind-the-scenes look of a tax return. ITC Instructor Gay Sanchez has an unexpected style of feedback during the course. When a student completes a practice return and asks if it is right, Sanchez asks students to explain the return.

“It isn’t about right or wrong but about learning the tax law, the process of a return and how to take the information a client provides and use it to apply the tax code.”


  1. You are considering going to college but not sure the brain will fire up again.

“We have all heard the advice that employees need to be building skills and pursuing education,” said Fetzer. “If you have been out of the classroom for a while and you are hesitant to jump into a college program, the ITC is a low-cost investment in education allowing the opportunity to test your learning ability. You can see if you still have what it takes to be a student.”


  1. You like to help.

We all have a friend that can answer nearly every question. If you are that person or want to rival their knowledge, knowing taxes can give you a leg up in the friend’s circle. Imagine drinks with friends and conversations about starting a business, having a baby, or getting married come up. You’ll be the one with the tax answers.

Annual enrollment for H&R Block’s Income Tax Course is now open. The course is conducted at different times throughout the day.

In Topeka, H&R Block offers classes Mon, Wed, Fri  9:30 am – 12:30 pm (begins 9/19);  Tues, Thur 6 pm – 9 pm (begins 9/6);  Sat 9 am – 4 pm (hour lunch) (begins 9/15). Classes are held at 1947 SW Gage.

Contact Robbie Arney at 785-272-5577 or arneyb@gmail.com for more information.