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Israeli treatment will help famous singer perform Christmas concert

An Israeli company is helping renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli present a message of hope for Christmas.

Bocelli will appear live on Dec. 12 for his annual “Believe in Christmas” concert at the Teatro Regio di Parma opera house in Italy. The event will be live-streamed online and will feature Bocelli’s 150-person orchestra.

“To believe in Christmas means to believe in the miracle of life and the love that protects it,” he said. “The songs I will sing (along with some amazing guests, the choir and the orchestra, and with the invaluable assistance of Franco Dragone, who will imbue every note with pure theatrical enchantment) serve to underline one thing: life triumphs.”

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An innovative Israeli nose spray called Taffix will help protect Bocelli and his team of dancers, musicians and staff from the virus. The Taffix formula is proven to kill 90 percent of the coronavirus and prevent the virus from infecting people’s airways. Taffix is providing more than 200 nasal sprays to Bocelli’s team to make sure the show happens smoothly and safely.

“Taffix is an important additional layer of protection, which is particularly useful in high-risk settings such as public transport, shops and schools, and a real gamechanger as the world looks to bring audiences back to concert halls, and fans back to stadia,” said Dr. Dalia Megiddo, co-founder and CEO of Nasus Pharma, the Israeli biopharma company that developed the spray. The spray works by forming a thin layer of gel that acts within 50 seconds to help trap and kill the coronavirus. The spray also changes the pH balance inside the nose to 3.5.

“Taffix is a powerful, clinically proven tool, which will help restart economic and social activity and allow a return to some sort of normality,” Megiddo said.

The singer has close ties and love for Israel and all things Israeli, having performed there many times, including at the ruins of Herod’s mountaintop fortress Masada.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice