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Rabbi Tuly Weisz

Jews, Christians must work together says leader of Israel365

The young founder of Israel365 believes it’s time in the prophetic biblical timeline for Jews and Christians to work together.

“God had a very specific plan for specific people to be in a specific area, and all of the landscape and the geography is so essential to understanding the Bible,” Rabbi Tuly Weisz says.  “Because the Jews have been outside of Israel for so long, we’ve been disconnected from Israel, the land. And the Christian world has been disconnected from the land of the Bible.”

Weisz is also a respected columnist who writes about Christians and Jews for publications as varied as The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel and NewsMax.

It’s been 75 years since Israel became a Jewish state, and Weisz, who studied for his rabbinical ordination at Yeshiva University in New York, said the reunification of the Jewish people and the land of Israel feels like a marriage. The reunion marks another phase of the three sections of scripture that Weisz said will take place before the end times. The Jews returning to Israel, himself among them, has opened his eyes “to the spiritual shift that’s happening” in the world.

“I started to really appreciate the Bible much more once I understood Israel’s role,” he said. “I also appreciate Israel’s role in the world by understanding the Bible.”

Israel is the only majority-Jewish country in the world, and the land is flourishing since the return of Jews to the Holy Land. With a strong economy and military, Weisz noted that the next step in the biblical timeline is spiritual redemption.

“The mainstream media either doesn’t report on the news in Israel at all or blames Israel for all of the problems in the world,” he said. We need to wake people up — both Jews and Christians — to start working together for the first time, in recognition that we have more in common than we thought.”

“We’re kind of navigating unchartered territory, but it’s worth that,” he said. “It really is very encouraging to me that our work with Israel365 is really important in helping to build bridges between Jews and Christians. There’s so much that we have in common, but there’s so much that still separates us because we don’t know each other.”

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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