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JUST A MINUTE with the Country Parson


Howdy, my friends.  The other day, I saw a picture of two boys sitting in a small wagon that is tied behind a horse with a long rope.  The boys were in the wagon and one of the boys had a sling shot pointed at the hip of the horse.  Any way you look at that situation, that’s motivation!  What causes you to get up in the morning?  Work?  Family situations?  Maybe you have a plan or a dream.  In any case, it’s called motivation.  Not all of that is helpful motivation however.  In the picture with the two boys, we see the sure outcome when pebble from the slingshot makes impact on the horse.  Maybe you need to reconsider the motivational techniques of your life.  It is probable that the ending of your picture may end up in a big crash if you don’t.  I can honestly say that there is a better way to get your life motivated!  Ask God!


Be Encouraged,

Scott Perkins, The Country Parson

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