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KBS and CAC to host Free Day at the Topeka Zoo

KBS Constructors, Inc. and the Citizen’s Advisory Council will be hosting a free community appreciation day at the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center on September 28th from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. There will be free zoo admission, music and family fun to celebrate KBS’s 30th anniversary.

“KBS is excited to celebrate our 30th anniversary with all of Topeka with a free day at the Topeka Zoo,” said KBS President Dan Foltz. “The free day at the zoo is a great opportunity for KBS to give back to the people of Topeka and celebrate the success of our community.”

The Citizen’s Advisory Council has partnered with KBS this year to provide music and games during the day. There will be raffle prizes and other activities for all Topekans to participate in.

“The Citizen’s Advisory Council is overjoyed to be able to celebrate our community at the zoo and to get to know its members better, while celebrating all the wonderful things that Topeka has to offer at the world famous Topeka Zoo,” said Quinton Heights NIA President James Prout.

Admission is free during zoo hours on September 28th. To find out more information on KBS visit www.kbsci.com. For more information on the CAC, visit https://www.topeka.org/government/boards-commissions/citizens-advisory-council/


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