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Laurie Hanser

Laura L. Hanser Releases Debut Video “Inspiration” Leading Up to Easter Weekend

Laurie HanserTOMS RIVER, New Jersey |CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE| — Laura L. Hanser is releasing her debut music video, entitled, Inspiration. The lyric video reflects Laura’s unbounded devotion to the Lord.

Hanser, a Chicago native, has been performing in public since childhood. She chose Easter for her debut release because her life and creative spirit have been experiencing a “kind of metaphorical resurrection.” After moving to Arizona as a teenager and raising a loving family there, Laura accepted a job promotion in Pennsylvania, settling in nearby Toms River, New Jersey. It was in New Jersey where her commitment to Christ strengthened as never before.

“I have written a variety of songs exploring a number of musical genres all inspired by my unwavering faith in Christ, since my early 20s. I have waited until the timing was right to release them. I’ve learned that God’s timing isn’t always our timing, but it is perfect. I seem to feel more inspired to write songs, when I am going through major challenges, Hanser says.”

The creative process behind “Inspiration” has been a collaborative one. “Michael Harkins, who is a close friend, applied his vast creativity and vision to this project by arranging the song and performing all of the instrumental parts. He also produced the lyric video.

“I’ve experienced many blessings in my life, and am incredibly grateful for each and every one of them. My life has read like a gothic novel. Thankfully, my boundless faith, along with a healthy sense of humor, has helped keep my sanity in check even when confronted by the most stressful and difficult challenges I have ever faced.

After the lyric video release for “Inspiration,” Hanser and Harkins will begin preparations to launch a Kickstarter campaign with their goal being; to raise funding to enable them record, produce and release Laura’s debut album and videos.

“I am excited about this next chapter in my life and music. I’m determined to just let the songs lead the way in terms of whatever they are destined to become. I feel blessed to able to let the songs speak for themselves and let the worship be worship. There are so many people who are hurting. I pray that I can bring healing to them, through my music, (for which I fully give the glory to God).”

Inspiration is available through iTunes and other popular online music sources. For more information go to www.reverbnation.com/laural.

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