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‘A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith’ is an easy, and important read

An ardent atheist became a defender of the Christian faith.

Kansas City-area attorney and author, Jim Jacob, has written about it in his new book, A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith. Self-published this year through Yaakov Press, the book is available at Jacob’s website www.jimjacobbooks.com for $7.95 or two for $9.95. It also is available on Amazon. A companion booklet, A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection—also published in 2016—is available for $5.95 or two for $7.95. Both have bulk pricing available.

A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith            This book is easy to understand for readers wishing to strengthen their ability to share and defend their faith. Students will find this book an excellent resource for helping them in academic settings antagonistic toward Christianity. Christians wishing to share and defend their faith in the workplace or public discourses also will find it to be a valuable equipping tool. The book is also a great resource for reading and discussion in Bible study groups and family devotional settings.

Written in the genre of Christian apologetics, A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith is a fresh, new offering following in the footsteps of Christian classics like Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ (1998) and Josh McDowell’s More Than a Carpenter (1977).

A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith was written by Jacob as an attorney laying out the case for Christianity as if making the argument in a court room before a jury. While easy-to-read and well-laid-out in 211 pages, the book is also chock-full of 504 footnotes documented in endnotes after three appendices.

The author—a Messianic Christian with Jewish roots and nearly 40-years of law experience—brilliantly blends faith with evidentiary support from science, archeology and history from the Bible. Questions the book poses and answers include, Does God Exist? Can the Bible and Science be Reconciled? Can All Religions Be Correct? Can a Good God Co-Exist in a World Filled with Suffering? Can the Old Testament Be Used As Historical Evidence? Did Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) Truly Live and Die in Israel 2000 Years Ago? What Do Historians Say About the Resurrection of Yeshua? Is Yeshua the Jewish Messiah? Are We Absolutely Sure That There Are No Absolutes?

Jacob understands skeptics and the mindset of atheism, as he was a hardcore atheist for 39-years. As he would do in a courtroom, Jacob anticipates and systematically rebuts and refutes many of the arguments against Christianity.

As if he were speaking to a jury, Jacob lays out the evidence and case for Christianity in an easy-to-follow, yet persuasive and thoroughly documented way. A Lawyer’s Case for His Faith is a must read for 2016 and is sure to be a classic of Christian apologetics for years to come.

–Reviewed By Metro Voice