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Letter to the Editor: Why does President Biden have a Power of Attorney?

Dear editor:

Millions of people watched Joe Biden on major news networks holding press conferences in his basement. President Trump referred to Joe Biden as “low energy,” “sleepy Joe” and other acronyms during the Presidential campaign of 2020 and for good reason.

Former President Donald Trump held around 400 well-attended rallies nationwide with millions of people and allowed the media full access with him even on Air Force One

But you would see and hear crazy stories from Joe Biden, such as his Peter Pan story about “Corn Pop” and his desire to take Trump behind the barn and giving him a “whopping.” Of course, there’s the famous radio salutation that got him in trouble “YOU AIN’T BLACK UNLESS YOU VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN.” Biden would attack people on the spot if they disagreed or challenged him on his record of flip-flops.

Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t care for Biden either. In a presidential debate, she alleged Joe Biden was a racist.

Comedian Flip Wilson said “what you see is what you get.” What we have in Biden is someone who is being controlled to created “abominations against GOD” with his wicked & divisive executive orders.

President Donald Trump was busting things up by draining the swamp & getting things done. He promised for the American people, jobs, stopping abortion funding, restoring Israel’s capital & embassy, First Step Act for jailed prisoners, school choice reforms, pulling troops out and no wars, and better relations with world leaders.

biden attorney

Even President Obama was slow to endorse Biden & stated publicly “you don’t have to do this Joe,” meaning stay out of the race. So did he know about Joe’s alleged mental condition and senility 7 years ago?

Joe Biden’s power of attorney document, in place since 2014 when he was the Vice-President, can’t be denied.

Now that your memory has been refreshed friends, and you know that Joe Biden is not in control of his own personal affairs allegedly since, how is he signing executive orders or any legal documents of any kind, talking to world leaders and conducting business while under this binding legal document filed in the recorder of deeds in Delaware? He never revealed this POA nor was it revoked.

Please do your own research on what a POA (aka Power of attorney) document is and how it designates another person to control your ability to sign legal documents, make health decisions financial decisions, mortgage banking, buying property, and hold office of any kind. Wikipedia reference

Joe Biden’s former law partner is allegedly over Joe Biden’s affairs, not his wife, son, sister, brother or family member. So why do you think Joe Biden former law partner, Melvin Monzack set this (POA) up for Joe Biden in 2014 allegedly?

Did they see the onset of mental cognitive issues with Joe Biden & set up (POA) to protect Joe Biden from himself. Biden was Vice President then.

Based on Joe Biden’s comments & behavior people that have Dementia often say things that sometimes are true but not expected like the voter fraud comment & s.o.b. He got fired comment because this is truth & part of the personal experience that actually occurred and the voter fraud also.

Joe Biden is nothing but a mere shadow that is being used to destroy America.

Your power was stripped in 2014 and now you’re being used as a ventriloquist dummy and you have no real voice but only used by others to harm America. Someone is telling you who to pick for cabinet positions, what to sign and what to say. You have no real mind of your own. The fake media isn’t having fun since Trump left and you are definitely not up to the task Joe of doing right for all Americans.

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Submitted by Anna Tarr