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I can’t stand movies with fighting. But, several years into motherhood, I realize that finding quality kids movies that don’t contain some element of aggression is definitely not the norm.  If I ruled the entertainment industry, Bob and Larry would be the stars of every show and innocence would always prevail.

Jessica S. Hosman

We recently took an outing to the movies to see a popular new flick. (One that didn’t include talking vegetables, might I add.) Afterwards, I was surprised when Zechariah told me his favorite part: you guessed it, the fighting. I couldn’t believe my son would be so captivated by the thing I dislike the most!

Snapping me out of my state of shock, he asked if I ever noticed that the creators of movies always make it look like the bad guys are going to win. But, in the end, the good guy always wins. It’s the witness of the war between good versus evil and the conquering victory that draws him in and keeps him captivated until the end.

My son’s simple statement has been echoing through my thoughts now for over a week. Images of battles going on near and far have continually preoccupied my mind, but with it there has been an accompanying truth spoken by a little boy. The good guy always wins. There are a lot of personal battles going on in our family right now and I know we are far from being the only ones in a struggle. It’s one of those seasons that feel as though there is a different conflict around every bend. I look beyond our family and into our region, country and world. And the bad guy – Satan – tries to do everything in his power to make all of us think that he is going to win. Battle after battle. Darkness upon darkness. But, the good guy always wins.

What if we started looking at circumstances beyond the analytical complexities and instead with the mind of a child? Jesus is the good guy. Satan is the bad guy. The bad guy may try and convince us he’s going to win. But, not so. We know the end of the story. We’ve read the Book. The good guy always wins.

Whatever you are facing. Whatever you perceive around you on small or global scales, examine your perspective. Are you focused on the battle and who appears to be in the lead? Or are you focused on the truth of the One who will ultimately conquer? This isn’t a truth just found in most kid’s movies. It is a truth that reigns within reality that God wants to use to birth within us hope. Remember who wins every battle. His name is Jesus. And today, tomorrow and forever – this good guy will always win.