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Living in hostile environments, people share how Sat-7 satellite programs bring hope

Christian satellite television ministries like SAT-7 have grown significantly over the years. Some may ask themselves, “Do they make a difference?”

The broadcast and online media ministry of SAT-7 offers current event news, teaching, discipleship, prayer, and worship for all ages in countries across the Middle East and North Africa and beyond. Many people now watch online, in addition to satellite broadcasts, which provides added security and privacy in countries where being a Christian is a crime.

Many SAT-7 viewers are isolated believers forced to leave their homes because of war, famine or other catastrophic events. They have difficulties but continue to rely on God and are encouraged by Christian media in their native languages.

In the Bible, when God’s people are scattered among the nations, He acts as a sanctuary for them wherever they are (Ezekiel 11:16). Our brothers and sisters in Christ often teach us about perseverance and faith. Read a few of their stories below about how God is at work in their lives.

Metro Voice has compiled first-hand testimonies from individuals who have been impacted these ministries. This week we look at the ministry of SAT-7.

Here are some of the most recent testimonies.

Shahroz in Iran

You never know when one person comes to know Christ how much their newfound faith will impact the people around them. Although a new believer himself, Shahroz* has been sharing his faith with family members and friends with the support of content he received from SAT-7 PARS.

He shares, “For the last year, I have been using the weekly messages that you send, and I eagerly wait to receive them every Friday. I began to share the messages with my sister, family, and friends, and they have responded enthusiastically.”

Shahroz continues, “There are many examples of family members who, after discovering that I have become a Christian, ask me for help. You wouldn’t believe it, but when they face a problem, they call me and ask me to pray for them. I have often spoken to them and urged them to call on Christ who is alive and will hear them. Many of them have told me that they have sensed Christ’s presence in their lives and seen some problems be resolved.

“The messages you send are not only helping me in my life, but also those people with whom I share them. This channel has become a part of my life because we don’t have churches here and so your channel has become my house church. If it was not for you, I would feel a real vacuum. I am very happy that God has placed this channel in my path.”

Viewers in Turkey

SAT-7 viewers living in Turkey have been deeply impacted by the message of God’s love being broadcast on SAT-7 TÜRK. The ministry continues to receive many testimonies showing how the channel has been a lifeline for people at many different stages in their walks of faith.

One woman wrote that her family was struggling in their faith while her young nephew was seriously ill. They found a source of prayer support and comfort through SAT-7.

“Thanks to your broadcasts, we began to pray and take refuge in God. We draw strength from your programs. We are grateful for your channel. May the Lord bless your broadcasts and allow more people to be healed and reunited with the Lord.”

Another man who watched online shared:

“I thought my faith had almost died. Due to my busy schedule, I could not get close to God and [make time to] be available for Him in my life. I saw your work on YouTube, and it is great. Thanks to your programs, I feel closer to God.

Elham in Afghanistan

Since August 2021, when Afghanistan fell to the Taliban after a hasty U.S. retreat, the people of Afghanistan, especially Christians, have faced overwhelming hardship. A man named Elham* has been in touch with SAT-7 PARS throughout the year and describes his struggle.  “I am grappling with a thousand and one difficulties because of unemployment, economic vulnerability, and endangerment of life and limb,” he says.

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Surrounded by hopelessness, Elham increasingly turned to SAT-7 PARS’ live and pre-recorded programming for hope. He shared, “Whenever I find an opportunity, I watch with enthusiasm your engaging programs, which are full of kindness. I have learned many valuable things so far, and when I watch your programs, I receive peace and feel empowered.”

Beyond watching the programs, he has grown in his understanding of Christianity by reading Christian materials the channel has sent him. SAt-7 recently received this from Elham: “About a month ago, the Taliban started doing house-to-house searches and they were even confiscating people’s smartphones. I had a few articles about Christianity on my phone which I have had to delete as a precaution. Now would you please kindly send a few other booklets so that I can read and be encouraged?”

Elham ended his brief communication by sharing, “When I watch your programs, I receive peace.”

He is just one of many Afghans who are finding ongoing support in the life-giving message of Christ.

Ashwaq in Egypt

Ashwaq, a young graduate from Sudan, came to Egypt to work but found herself in a job where she was barely able to earn enough to support herself and her young son. She shares: “It was not as easy as I expected it to be… Food, drink, and bills that I must pay every month are too much for me… But when you look at those who are worse off than you, you thank God that you are able to get by.”

Nashwan from Iraq

A man named Nashwan shared that before his family left Iraq, he nearly had his car stolen by armed men who then called his house threatening to kill him and his son. His family quickly packed up their things and left, finding out later that they escaped at just the right moment.

He states, “Iraq is gone. We cannot live in Iraq anymore.” Then for many years, he struggled to find work and adapt to a new life, first living in Turkey, and then settling in Egypt.

“We are missing a lot of things,” he says. He grieves over the fact that his four daughters missed out on eight years of school. But, he still has dreams and hopes for his children, that one day things will be better.

What you can do

Have these stories encouraged you? Did you know that ministries like Sat-7 really do have a life–changing impact on the people listening to and watching their programs?

Please pray that by watching SAT-7’s programs, viewers will encounter the God who is a home for the homeless.

You can also give towards producing more programming like that below. They bring hope to millions.


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For the seekers and spiritually motivated, SAT-7 ARABIC offers a broad spectrum of programs from Morocco to Iraq. Many viewers began watching as kids and have grown up alongside the channel.
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SAT-7 KIDS is the first Arabic Christian channel dedicated exclusively to children and young people. The channel, trusted and respected by parents, has been airing for over 10 years.
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For the thousands of house churches worshiping in secret, SAT-7 PARS has become a lifeline. It broadcasts to over 2 million Persian-speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.
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SAT-7 TÜRK is a 24/7 channel addressing misconceptions about Türkiye’s tiny Christian minority. It broadcasts to the people of Türkiye and Turkish-speakers across Europe.


SAT-7 PLUS brings the life-changing message of the Gospel to a wider audience in the region, including a growing number of young people.


To contribute and thus spur more testimonies like the ones above, visit the website of Sat-7.