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Local ministries rely on your generosity to serve women, babies and adoptive children

Dwight and I go out for breakfast to celebrate special occasions such as the first snowfall of the season, election day, and school snow days. Last year while enjoying the snowflakes, a fellow diner bought everyone’s breakfast in the restaurant. It is wonderful to be the recipient of generosity, but even more so to be the giver.

Adoption and Life organizations across our region rely on the generosity of the Kansas City community and each December we share their Christmas “wish list” (below). “Every year at Christmas time, I see the Lord faithfully provide for the needs (and wants!) of the families that we serve” affirms Julie Karanja, Outreach Manager at The LIGHT House.

Susan K. Timmons of Christian Family Services emphasized the importance of individual giving. “As a non-profit faith-based organization we receive no government funds but rely heavily on the giving of individual contributors—whom we consider the lifeblood of our organization for their sacrificial and much-appreciated giving,” she told me.

Renae Kitchin, Executive Director of If Not For Grace, stressed how individuals make the biggest difference, stating, “73% of our ministry is funded by individuals just like you and we could not do it without you.’

Glenda Merten, Director of Birthright, concurred with the importance of individual donations and brags about Kansas Citians declaring, “We are so thankful that our donations have been consistent during COVID.”

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The needs of the organizations have changed to reflect the evolution of services provided and clients’ ever-changing needs. During COVID, If Not For Grace’s clientele expanded geographically through programs offered through Zoom. As a result, this year when a local retreat was provided, long distant transportation needs arose. To meet the needs of participants, this Christmas If Not For Grace is asking for individuals to donate airline miles.

To better serve clients, Birthright is seeking a volunteer to serve as a Spanish translator.

Alpha Christian Children’s Home needs volunteers to assist with interior finishing of the new house on their rural campus.

Chris Ruhnke with Show-Me Christian Youth Home, attests, “Because of the diversity of our family and that their needs are ever-changing, I so appreciate the opportunity to point the community on how to help us this year.” Ministries have needed to be nimble and creative to meet their clients’ needs.

Our Annual Ministry Wish List highlights the organizational and service needs, but donations also allow for the personal growth of the clients. A gift card for a youth at MBCH allows the teenager to mature as he both budgets and selects the item. Dawn Hensley states that foster youth often do not get to engage in extra fun family outings, so gifts that give experiential community outings are important. Although a woman may decide to place her baby with adoptive parents, the ministry’s commitment is still there to the individual.

Sonya Rice, Executive Director of Parkville Women’s Clinic, states, “We are here to walk with them for as long as they need.”

Marsha Middleton of Alliance for Life knows that individuals are sowing into their ministry, “… it is never taken for granted when an investment is made into the work of the non-profit, every gift no matter the size is truly appreciated and is a great encouragement to continue with the work God has called us to,” she shares.

It is so rewarding to be generous. Below is our 2021 list of adoption and life organizations that serve the Kansas City region. When you give this Christmas season, include them on your list.


Gift cards for the travel required to work around the state are always helpful; QT, or other fuel stations and restaurant cards.

Amazon gift cards – we buy a lot of our office supplies through Amazon

Reams of 20lb or 24lb copy paper

Post it Notes

Call Marsha Middleton at 816-806-4168


We are fundraising for the construction of a new house on our rural campus, and gifts given toward this project between now and the end of the year will be matched, up to $30,000. We will also be looking for volunteers to give us a hand with the interior finishing (plumbing, electrical, sheet rock, flooring, fixture installation, etc.) starting April 2022.

Call Michelle Kincaid at 785-597-5235


Birthright needs a Spanish translator to assist clients. Other items for clients are maternity clothes, baby wash, baby shampoo, bottles, and pacifiers.

Call Glenda Merten at 816-444-7090


Our current wish list includes a new laptop computer, a new Ergonomic office chair, 20 lb. copy paper, colored copy paper, copy machine with scanning and faxing capabilities, electric stapler, and especially financial gifts. We do have tax credits for Missouri taxpayers for gifts of $100 or more. Contact us for more info at 913-383-3337.


In the last two years INFG has pivoted to hosting most of our recovery groups online. An advantage to this has been the opportunity to reach the abortion-wounded all over the country and reach into the isolation that so many experience.

One of the services INFG offers is a weekend retreat in Springfield, MO, and proves to be an important and meaningful step in their healing journey. We are pleased to share that many of our participants have been able to fly in to attend. A way you can serve them and the ministry of INFG, is by donating airline miles to help cover some of their travel costs. If you are interested in doing this, you can contact us at: info@infg.org.

We are thankful for everyone who has a heart to support the abortion-wounded. All nonprofits are dependent on those who answer the call to give. 73% of our ministry is funded by individuals just like you and we could not do it without you. May God continue to bless you and may many more hearts be healed as we partner together.

Call September Richard at 816-847-2911


During the Christmas season our goal is to collect Walmart gift cards (in increments of $10s & $20s) for our families, to ensure that our moms can pick out a personalized gift item for their baby or child. Additionally, we would graciously receive gift items such as: educational infant/toddler toys, books, craft kits, Lego & STEM sets, winter gear & fuzzy socks in all sizes, manicure & nail kits for women, scented lotions for women. All donations must be received by December 10th; please contact Julie Karanja for more information at juliek.lighthouse@mbch.org.

Call 877-552-4784 or 816-361-2233


Foster youth often do not get to do the extra fun family outings so gifts that give experiential community outings are great i.e., bowling, Main Event (laser tag/arcade/bowling), day pass to KC Zoo, Science City, Dave and Busters, etc. Most of our kiddos in our program are teenagers. A great choice is a gift card where the youth can budget (amount on the gift card) and pick out an item whether it be clothing, food, make-up, hygiene items, games, etc.

We are always accepting donations of the coolest newest fidgets, water bottles, hygiene supplies, make-up, socks, boxers/panties, etc.

Call Dawn Hensley at 816-616-3303


The wish list for PWC includes baby wipes, baby lotion and baby bath.

Earlier this month one of our clients made the very difficult decision to place her baby with an adoptive family. She loved her baby so much and knew that she wanted both a mom and dad for her baby with lots of extended family. Those were two things that she never had growing up. She is a selfless courageous hero. PWC understands hard decisions that our client’s face every day. And we are here to walk with them for as long as they need. Will you join us in praying for this birth mom?

Call Carla Killen at 816.719.2680


Individual gift cards of $5 and $10 are greatly appreciated as they serve as great rewards at home and incentives for school.

Family Games to build relationships (Board games, cards, outdoor games, etc.)

Family Memories – passes or gift cards to entertainment and special outings as a family (Movies, bowling, music, sports or performing art events, performing)

Family gift cards for groceries, home improvements, and family needs at stores like Walmart, Target, Lowes, Menards, etc.

A list of more specific toys, games, and household items for the children and families living at our 13 homes can be found on our Amazon Wish List or by reviewing the latest needs list at ShowMeHelpingKids.com.

Call Chris Ruhnke at 660-347-5982

Readers can learn more about these organizations in the Adoption and Life Guide or Directory.