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Man who stole Sean Feucht’s guitar later accepts Christ and is baptized

Worship leader Sean Feucht may have briefly lost a guitar but gained a soul in the process.

This summer, the “Let Us Worship” shared on social media that his prized 1967 Gallagher guitar had been stolen by a man who broke into his vehicle. A few days later, one of Feucht’s friends found the guitar at a pawn shop and purchased it back after it allegedly had been sold for drug money. Not long after that, Feucht’s friend ran into a man named Zach, who confessed to stealing the guitar and asked for forgiveness for what he had done.

“Only God can write a story like this!” Feucht wrote at the time in an Instagram post, according to “Faihwire.” “He takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it around!”

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Feucht went on to encourage people to pray for Zach and shared that he had invited the alleged thief to a “Let Us Worship” event in Spokane, Wash. At the event, Zach surprised Feucht by not only accepting Jesus but getting baptized.

“The guy who stole my guitar just gave his life to Jesus,” he wrote. “He’s getting baptized right now. He came and surprised me in front of 7,000 people. God writes the best stories.”

In another social media post, Feucht said, “What was once lost has now been found. Zach, who stole my guitar, showed up to the event, gave his life to Jesus and got baptized tonight. I am blown away at the faithfulness of God tonight!”

Feucht said he forgave Zach, who told him he “wanted to be free from drug addiction” and “wanted to surrender and so they led him to Jesus.”

“I’m just over the moon,” he said. “You know, God always writes the best stories. He’s not just the author, but he’s the finisher of our faith, and how that story finished was just so mind-boggling.”

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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