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May 3 seminar looks at the ‘gender revolution,’ unlocks biblical truth

There’s a “gender revolution” taking place with huge implications for the health of children, family, education, the church and society. Recent polls show that 15% of young people now question their biological gender. That’s up 10-fold just in the last decade. Many Christians are at a loss for how to respond in love while speaking truth, and not being caught up in cancel culture that attempts to silence biblical views.

A one-night conference, Unlocking Biblical Truth: Gender and Sexuality Issues, will offer guidance and encouragement with practical ways to celebrate and defend God’s creative design for womanhood and manhood.

The seminar will take place Monday, May 3, 6:30 pm at Fellowship Church in the Kansas City suburb of Greenwood, Mo. Admission is free. It’s sponsored by the Christian Life Commission of the Missouri Baptist Convention and Concerned Women for America of Missouri.

Organizers say this one-night event will equip Christians to understand biblical truth about gender, manhood, womanhood, and God-given identity.

The Missouri Baptist Convention states, “We cannot fall silent in these days. Out of love for Christ, and out of a desire to speak the truth in love, believers must recognize that this is a time to stand. It is a time to tell the truth. It is a time to get equipped to handle one of the toughest challenges of our time.”


Dr. Owen Strachan

Speakers include Owen Strachan, associate professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) in Kansas City, Missouri. Strachan is also director of the Center for Public Theology at MBTS, where he teaches the full range of courses in theology and their impact on culture.

Strachan will speak about how Genesis 1-2 shapes the church’s understanding of the human person and how Christians can help people confused by our secular gender revolution.

Missouri State Representative and area pastor Doug Richey will encourage attendees to be faithful in the public square on matters of gender and sexuality. Richey, who represents Clay County, is pastor of Pisgah Baptist Church in Excelsior Springs.

Dr. Alan Branch is Professor of Christian Ethics at Midwestern Seminary. He’s a noted speaker and writer and has been covering the issue of gender for some time. His first published book was titled “Born This Way,” which surveys scientific data on the origins of same sex attraction from a Christian perspective. Branch also has a number of articles published for the Biblical Illustrator, Midwestern Journal of Theology and a number of book reviews. Reviewers have described his writing as a blend of conviction with compassion.

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Amanda Smith

His second book continued his work on the gender issue. “God’s Image: Addressing the Transgender Question with Science and Scripture” takes a fair, respectful, and factual tone in addressing the complex issue of transgender issues through a biblical lens.

Also speaking are Dean Greer with Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries and Amanda Smith, Redeemer Fellowship, Kansas City. Both will teach the Christian individual how to respond to a loved one who has a same-sex attraction or who questions their birth gender.

Bev Ehlen

“We are witnessing moral anarchy, as Western nations abandon all semblance of Biblical authority by embracing transgender identity,” states Bev Ehlen, state director of CWA. “An untold number of boys and girls are being harmed.”

Ehlen states it is a timely event that will instruct Christians on how they can respond biblically to the sexual chaos happening in America today. She says that parents will also be given guidance in helping their children to thrive in a sexually confused society.

For additional information about the event visit Unlocking Biblical Truth: Gender and Sexuality Issues. You can also Register online.

The church is located at 1601 W. Main Street (150 Hwy), Greenwood, Missouri.

–Metro Voice