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McCaskill lands lucrative gig as MSNBC ‘analyst’

During the campaign for Missouri Senator, Claire McCaskill modeled herself as a middle-of-the-road centrist, for which finding common ground was her only goal. She repeatedly told voters she was a moderate who would work across the aisle and be a voice for the middle while ignoring the voices on the fringe of her party.

Then came McCaskill’s final interview as a senator after her election defeat.  She gave it to the nation’s most partisan news cable channel. It was a choice to speak to an audience that is the most partisan in the nation.

Now, Democrat McCaskill has a new job as a network political analyst for that ultra leftist cable network–MSNBC.

“Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski made the announcement Tuesday morning during an interview with McCaskill on the MSNBC show. NBC St. Louis affiliate KSDK-TV reports that McCaskill said she would bring her experience from the Senate.

Scarborough says McCaskill will “provide critical insights into what ails Washington.” But that “insight” comes with a price. McCaskill will be paid handsomely. Other politicians typically make well over $100 grand a year offering their sage wisdom.

In a blow-out loss, the two-term senator was defeated by popular Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley in her November re-election bid. It was an embarrassing loss for Democrats and a bright spot for Republicans who gained seats in the Senate while losing control of the House.

McCaskill’s 30 year political career includes stints as Jackson County prosecutor, state representative, state auditor and senator.

Observers will be studying her televised comments to see if they match up to her election rhetoric when she was attempting to paint herself as a moderate. She may have already tipped her hand saying on Morning Joe, she would “Not hold back.”

When President Trump gives his State of the Union Address, McCaskill will be on hand giving her assessment of the speech and its implications for the nation.