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Miami Mayor
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. Credit: The White House - P20230120CF-0118, Public Domain

Miami mayor shares his faith as he jumps into Republican presidential race

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez may be a big underdog in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but he stands tall in his faith. He told an audience at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s recent Road to Majority Conference that his Christian faith is at the center of his life as he highlighted his personal experience with the pro-life movement and the faith community’s role in reducing his city’s homeless population.

“I am literally a product of the pro-life movement myself,” he said. “My parents actually met at a pro-life rally.”

Suarez explained that his parents “have bravely lived their pro-life ethic by raising a family of four,” consisting of himself and his three sisters. He told the audience that “my parents and the difficulties of my own life taught me that faith must be at the center of our lives and that faith in Jesus Christ is the center of my life.”

Suarez credited his faith with helping him form his “commitment to the culture of life from its inception until its end.” Noting that “many people claim to be pro-life,” he insisted that “you’re not pro-life until you’re truly tested. In my case, my wife and I were tested at the challenge of infertility. We struggled with infertility for four years. We accepted the possibility that we would not feel the joys of parenthood, that our only children may be the forgotten children of my city.”As he concluded his address, Suarez said, “In today’s America, we need to lead with loving truth in a world of soft lies. “We need Christians who speak clearly and calmly in a time of confusion and despair, and we need Christians who lead and who love courageously, even to those who persecute us and prosecute us.

“Our country is bruised and battered right now, but our faith is strong. Our values are under relentless attack, but our faith is strong. We face oppression and persecution, but our faith is strong. And all of us here today, I promise you, have been attacked, but our faith is strong.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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