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Missouri emergency ban on transgender treatments lifted in wake of legislation

An emergency rule that protected children from transgender surgeries and hormone treatments has been lifted. The termination of the rule was posted on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, with a message that read: “This emergency rule terminated effective May 16, 2023.”

The rule, handed down by Attorney General Andrew Bailey, protected children by requiring a year of therapy and reaching other requirements before being allowed to receive access to controversial treatments such as puberty blockers, surgeries and hormones.

Media outlets, without proof, initially reported it as a victory for trans activists until Bailey released a statement saying it was no longer needed after state lawmakers enacted legislation to protect children.

“We were standing in the gap unless and until the General Assembly decided to take action on this issue,” he said. “The General Assembly has now filled that gap with a statute. I’m proud to have shed light on the experimental nature of these procedures and will continue to do everything in my power to make Missouri the safest state in the nation for children.”

The move to end the rule comes after lawmakers in Missouri passed a bill last week that would ban minors from getting such care in the state. Gov. Mike Parson is expected to sign the bill into law. The legislature also approved a bill last week that would ban trans athletes from competing on female sports teams, outlawing it in both public and private schools.

Law now bans controversial treatments

The proposed restrictions on controversial and dangerous trans treatments in Missouri follow a national trend of Republican-led states implementing similar bans. At least 14 states have full or partial bans on sex-change treatments for children, according to an ABC analysis. Eighteen states have enacted legislation that bans interfering with trans treatments for children, even as European countries walk back their openness after research revealed the serious consequences to children and adults.

Missouri legislators and state leaders, including the governor, have argued that the bill dealing with treatments is about protecting minors from permanent health consequences. Those consequences include permanent infertility and suicide.

“All children, regardless of their gender or orientation, are invaluable and should not be subjected to potentially irreversible surgeries and treatments prior to adulthood,” Parson tweeted.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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