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Movies to get your red, white and blue on

July is what I call Red-White-and Blue days of summer. This is when the themed t-shirts come out, there are red, white and blue hair ribbons and caps, plus corn on the cob suddenly looks good. In other words, after the backyard barbecue, settle down to a film with the family (where appropriate) and count your blessings. These classics, some old and some more recent, are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy.

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Air Force One (1997) (PG 13)—Harrison Ford is the U. S. President and speaks that famous line, “Get off my plane…”

Flags Of Our Fathers (2006) (R for war violence)—Clint Eastwood tells a story of the military during WWII.

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Forrest Gump (1994) (PG 13)–Tom Hanks has a stellar performance set against the Vietnam War.

Hidden Figures (2016) –Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe star in a remarkable movie honoring the contributions of three women for whom the space program might not have existed without their contributions.

Independence Day (1996) (PG 13 for science fiction and war violence)–At least one space alien invasion included here and Will Smith in pilot’s gear dragging an alien behind him on the desert is priceless.

National Treasure (2004) (PG 13)–Nicholas Cage gets involved in finding a stolen masterpiece concerning the United States.

National Treasure 2 (2007) (PG 13)–Another American treasure hunt by Nicholas Cage, only this time about President Abraham Lincoln.


Saving Private Ryan (1998) (R for language and war violence)–Steven Spielberg directs Tom Hanks in a WWII epic about war and finding a lost soldier.

Sergeant York (1941) (PG 13)–Going back to WWI (and remember Kansas City has the only WWI war museum in the country), Gary Cooper plays a true life hero, Sergeant York.

The Alamo (1960) (PG 13)–Personally, I prefer this version with John Wayne and Richard Widmark as they defend the famous fort in Texas.

The Alamo (2004) (PG 13)–Billy Bob Thornton, Dennis Quaid, Patrick Wilson and Jason Patric star in an updated version of the story of a small group of men de- fending a fort against invasion by Mexico.

The Patriot (2000) (PG 13)–This is the Revolutionary War and Mel Gibson with the late Heath Ledger fight the British to defend their home.

The Right Stuff (1983) (PG)–No space aliens this time, but U.S. astronauts going into space and starring Ed Harris and Scott Glenn.

Top Gun (1986) (PG 13)–Watching the situation in the Middle East and trying to control a fighter jet is what concerns Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in this movie that still has some of the best plane cinematography ever.

–By Marie Asner