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MyPillow CEO MIke Lindell.

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell announces plans to launch his own social media website

Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow, is promising not only the best night’s sleep but also a new social media experience. He plans to launch his own social media website, after his personal and MyPillow accounts were suspended by Twitter.

The plan is for the new social media website to be called Vocl, though that may yet change.

“Every single influencer person on the planet can come there,” he said. “You’re going to have a platform to speak out. We’re launching this big platform so all the voices of our country can come back and start telling it like it is again.”

Lindell said that with his social media website, Twitter would not be needed, and “you will not need YouTube. You won’t need these places … it will be where everything can be told, because we’ve got to get our voices back. People will be able to talk and not walk on eggshells.”

Elaborating further, Lindell said his social media website will launch in four to five weeks but did not elaborate on the nature of the website or how it would function. Lindell’s site would be competing with the likes of Parler and Gab, which have attracted conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump. Trump and his advisors have said he is considering starting his own social media company.

Other than Lindell, prominent conservatives such as Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood were suspended by Twitter, forcing them to move to other platforms such as Telegram. Last week, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s YouTube account was banned from uploading new content for two weeks.

Lindell’s new effort is already facing pushback.

A website called “Vocal,” spelled with an “a,” already exists.

On Thursday, lawyers for Vocal’s publicly traded parent company, Creatd, Inc., warned Lindell in a letter to change his social media network’s name and surrender ownership of the Vocl.com domain name. If Lindell refuses to change the name, he could face a lawsuit.

The lawsuit, say some attorneys, will be a difficult one for Creatd to win as the names are different and there are thousands of legally operating companies with similar names.

Lindell says it’s just another attempt to silence him.

“It has nothing to do with their trademark,” he said. “I haven’t even launched yet. But it has nothing to do with us.”

Lindell claims Vocl is also an acronym.

“Ours stands for the ‘Victory of Christ’s Love,’” Lindell added.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice