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Nashville police officer hears from God and turns away from explosion

An emotional Nashville police officer, James Wells, told the media recently about an encounter with God at the Nashville explosion on Christmas Day. As one of the police officers responding to the scene prior to the explosion Christmas morning, he was on scene helping evacuate the public.

Before the recording began counting down to the coming explosion, Wells and his partner were parked right in front of the recreational vehicle, unaware that it was the vehicle in question. When asked to move the car and set up a perimeter, they did so.

Wells called for more backup to assist with evacuation. He began to look around the “high ground” for people on roofs or looking from parking garages, people who may have a secondary attack planned, he says in the video.

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When going door to door during the evacuation, he heard the RV issue a 3-minute warning. At one point, he began walking back to his car to get his “heavy plates” in preparation for whatever was about to happen. He was told again to move the car, this time out of the blast radius.

He got out of the car and began to walk back toward the RV, he says, “This may not be politically correct, but this is my truth. I barely hear God tell me to turn around and go check on (fellow officer Amanda) Topping,” his partner who was by herself down on Broadway. “And as I turn around, for me, it felt like I only took three steps and then the music stopped, and as I was walking back toward Topping, I see orange, and I hear a loud boom.”

Wells said he lost his footing as the bomb went off. He said he also temporarily lost his hearing. But he soon regained his feet and ran toward Topping, who said she had only just begun to walk to him when she saw “the biggest flames” she had seen in her life.

“I don’t know how I kept my footing, but … I couldn’t see him for a second. I just lost it, and I just took off in a sprint towards him,” Topping said. “And, like he said, I’ve never grabbed somebody so hard in my life.”

The blast injured at least three people and destroyed 41 businesses and other buildings nearby.

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