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No, today’s earthquake in Kansas was not caused by Chiefs fans

While some may think it was Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs were playing the Titans today that caused the earth to tremble, it was actually a good-size earthquake in southern Kansas.

The U.S. Geological Survey said a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck about 2 miles (3 kilometers) southwest of Hutchinson shortly after 1 p.m. The service had initially reported that it was a magnitude 4.4 earthquake, but later upgraded it. No damage was immediately reported.

The earthquake happened near where several others have happened before in Reno County, The Hutchinson News reported.

KSN viewers reported feeling the earthquake in Salina, Lucas, Wichita, Park City, Hays and Andover. The U.S. Geological Service also reported two separate 2.4 magnitude earthquakes felt in neighboring Oklahoma.

Later, KSN reported the 4.4 magnitude earthquake was upgraded to a 4.5 temblor.

Of course, all the science behind the earthquakes in the Sunflower State did not stop Kansas City Chiefs fans from joking on Twitter that they are the cause of Sunday’s quake.

“Rumor has it the rumbling at arrowhead is causing earthquakes in Kansas,” one fan tweeted. “LET’S GO CHIEFS!!”

“Earthquake in Kansas,” another tweeted. “Calm down Chief’s fans.”

“Bruh. Just felt a huge earthquake in hutch,” another joked. “Must have been the Chiefs Kingdom.”

“Wichita either just felt an earthquake or that’s Arrowhead rocking hard!!” one resident wrote. “Or both! Go Chiefs.”

While some believe the earthquakes are related to fracking and waste water retention underground, earthquakes have been increasing around the globe with some scientists now saying it could be attributed to the Earth’s magnetic North Pole moving towards Siberia away from Greenland.

–Metro Voice