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Parking meters active again on downtown Topeka side streets

Side street parking in downtown Topeka is once again metered on weekdays during business hours. This change impacts metered parking spots on side streets located one block east and west of S Kansas Ave. between 6th and 10th avenues. The change began November 1.

Parking on Kansas Ave. in downtown Topeka will remain free for up to two hours per day during business hours during the week. If you exceed two-hour parking on Kansas Ave. in one day during the week, you are subject to a ticket. All parking downtown is free between 6:00 p.m. and 7:59 a.m. on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays.

This change was made after an in-depth study found street parking downtown is often being utilized by those who work downtown. The City’s goal is for street parking to be available for visitors and community members who shop and dine downtown.

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In a letter signed by Downtown Topeka, Inc. (DTI) officials Rhiannon Friedman and Scott Gales, they said they support the move to begin metering.

“Parking directly impacts businesses, visitors, and residents of downtown Topeka. The proper maintenance of these assets is necessary for our community to continue to thrive and attract new businesses and residents alike. We appreciate the level of detail and dedication that has been put into the parking study completed by city staff. DTI agrees that these improvements and next steps will continue to help support the recruitment and retention of businesses and resident’s downtown,” said Friedman and Gales.

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Costs downtown are $0.50 per hour or $1.00 per hour, depending on the meter. Prices and time limits are listed on the meters.

You can pay with a card by using the free Passport Parking mobile app. You can also pay with coins.

These changes do not impact City of Topeka parking garages. Parking passes for City garages can be purchased online. A parking map including meter rates can also be viewed at https://www.topeka.org/parking/.

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The cost of a parking ticket is currently $8 for a first offense.

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice

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