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The woman leaves the maternity floor while concealing the baby beneath her coat. Photo: CCTV.

Posing as nurse, woman kidnaps baby from maternity ward in Colombia

A baby was kidnapped in a hospital by a woman pretending to be a nurse. The incident happened in Colombia this week after the baby girl was taken from her from her mother’s arms in the maternity ward.

CCTV images show the suspect walking the hospital corridors with the baby allegedly under her coat.

Prosecutors identified her as Leidy Johanna Diaz and said she went to the Mederi Hospital in the Colombian capital Bogota dressed as a nurse.

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She went to the sixth floor and “told the parents she needed to take the baby for some tests, which aroused suspicion among the parents and hospital workers”, according to police inspector Wilson Silva.


The baby is reunited with her mother. Photo: Bogota Police Department

It is then claimed by prosecutors that she wrapped the newborn in a white coat before trying to make a getaway with the girl under her jacket.

But she was stopped by a guard before leaving the building.

Silva said in a statement: “The woman crossed the first security check, but when she arrived at the last one a guard stopped her to check her bag, but noticed how she grabbed her abdomen area.

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“When he asked her what she was carrying there, Diaz turned around and went back inside the hospital.”

The baby was finally discovered and returned to her parents, with CCTV showing the suspect being led away under arrest.

According to reports, the suspect trained as an assistant nurse at the same hospital in November 2019.

She is currently being held on remand as the investigation continues.

It comes after footage surfaced of a balaclava-clad woman stealing an 11-day-old tot in a separate incident in 2018.

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